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iLighter - Highlighter for the Internet

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iLighter - Highlighter for the Internet

The Bottom Line

Add this free tool to your computer and use it to save information you want to add to your blog or personal Web page. It's called iLighter and it lets you save text and graphics by highlighting the text and graphics that you want to save and storing it for later use. Once your text and graphics are saved you can add virtual post-it notes to them and store the notes right along with the text and graphics you want to save. You can also categorize the text and graphics into files if you like.


  • Save information found on the Web
  • Store and categorize information for later
  • Add notes to each entry you save
  • Information stored on their secure server
  • Free


  • Must be online to access stored data


  • Download iLighter for free to your browsers. Works with both IE and Firefox just fine.
  • Integrated into your browser. You will have a new link in your toolbar where you can access the iLighter features.
  • Use the little highlighter to highlight information you want to save for later.
  • Save, store and categorize all your saved information.
  • Add notes to your saved entries so you can remember what was important about them later.
  • Open your iLighter window anytime to see the information you have saved.
  • Automatically saves text and graphics.
  • Can be used on a PC, laptop, PDA, and cell phone.

Guide Review - iLighter - Highlighter for the Internet

After you download the iLighter software you will have a new link in your browser's toolbar that you can use to access all the iLighter tools. Using what looks like a virtual highlighter marker you can highlight whatever you want to save, text and graphics. When you highlight something a box will pop up asking you to name your saved item and also asking you where you want to store the information.

What Does iLighter Do

Information can be stored and categorized into files. All the information will be saved on iLighter's servers so if your computer crashes you won't lose any of your valuable information. Create any files you want to make sure that you can find your information later when you need it.

Add notes to your saved information if you want. This way you won't forget what you thought was important about the information in the first place and you'll remember what you wanted to do with it. The notes will be saved right with the information you are saving.

Anytime you want to access the information you saved just open the iLighter window on your computer. All your information will be right there stored in the files you saved it in.

iLighter can be used with Internet Explorer and Firefox without any problems. The only glitch I ran into was that after I installed and started saving items I was told it did not recognize my password. To fix this glitch all I had to do was logout and log back in and it was fixed.

What Can I Use iLighter For

When you find things on the Internet that you want to add to your blog or Web page you can quickly save the information and come back to it later. Then you can copy and paste it on to your Web pages.

iLighter would be a good tool for anyone who is doing research on anything. Term papers, reports, essays. Or, create my own recipe guide with iLighter. Create different categories for your recipes.

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