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Virtual Pet Adoption Center

Get a Pet For Your Web Site

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The virtual pet adoption center will let you adopt a virtual pet to put on your Web site for free. The virtual pets you can choose from are: a spider, bunny, pig, hedgehog, duck, llama, fish, hampster, tiger, puppy, kitten or penguin.

How to Adopt Your Virtual Pet

First you need to choose which type of virtual pet you want to adopt to live on your Web site. Then you can give your pet a name and choose what color you want it to be. All you have to do now is copy the code and paste it into your Web site's code where you want your virtual pet to live. If you don't have a Web site you can still have a virtual pet.

What If I Don't Have a Web Site?

You don't have to have a Web site to adopt a virtual pet. On the page where they give you the code for your Web site there is also a link that you can click on. Click on this link to go to your virtual pet. Then bookmark the page so you can go back to it again and again.

What You Can Do With Your Virtual Pet

All of them seem to follow your mouse when you move it, but there's more. The spider spins a web while you watch. The bunny hops when you click on it. The pig, hedgehog and duck jump when you click on them. The llama's front legs jump when you click on it. The fish swims in it's aquarium and comes with a little shaker of fish food that you can feed to it and it eats. You can put the hampster on a wheel and watch it spin or take it off the wheel for a rest. The tiger will go up on it's hind legs or lay down and it purrs, I think I even saw it waving to me. The puppy barks at you when you click on it and also comes with doggie treats that you can feed to it. The kitten sits in a basket and will claw at you when you and wag it's tail. The penguin sits on an iceberg and flaps it's wings and moves around when you click on it, it will even loose it's balance and fall into the water.
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