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Fun Add Ons - Passwords, News, Comics, Weather, more

Many different, fun things you can add to your Web pages to make your site more fun and interesting. Passwords, news, comics and weather are just a couple of things you will find to add to your pages.
  1. Server.Com - calendars n...

Find Missing Children From Your Website
Now you can help find missing children using your website. CodeAmber.org has an Amber Alert ticker that you add to your web pages. Then when there's an Amber Alert issued, your readers will see it and be notified so they can help find the missing child too. The more people notified, the better chance there is of finding an abducted child.

Create Your Music Wish List
Using the gBox wish list tool you create your own personalized music wish list with all your favorite music on it. Then you post it to your personal website, blog or social networking site. Using the upload tool or code given to you from gBox, you can add the gBox wish list to MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Tagged, Classmates, MyYearBook, your personal blog or any other site that allows HTML.

Add Games & Gadgets to MySpace
A live weather, radio, clock, to do list, countdown and pregnancy calendar are just a few of the things you'll find to add to your MySpace profile on LabPixies. You'll also find a variety of games such as Sudoku, Invaders, Dots, Memory, Defender, Poker, Blackjack and many more. Find out how you can add these games and gadgets to your MySpace profile.

iLighter - Highlighter for the Internet
A highlighter you can use on the Net. Use this highlighter to highlight and save all the important things you find while browsing the Net. iLighter is a highlighter you can use to save and store important information for later. Even categorize your information.

Add a Google Calendar to Your Google Page Creator Web Site
This tutorial will teach you to add a calendar to your Web site. Specifically you will learn to add a Google calendar to your Google Page Creator Web site. If you have a fan site or a family site, or something else that needs a calendar, then a calendar will be a fun thing to add to your site.

Toys For Your Web Site
Pyzam has 34 really fun toys you can add to your Web site. Give your site's readers something fun to do when they visit your Web site. Add Web site toys like post it notes, snow globe, fortune cookie, scratch ticket, unclickable links, creatures, save the hamster from the frying pan, jack-o-lantern, don't press this button and many more. Pyzam also has a lot more on their site than just toys too.

Add Ons and Web Site Accessories
Add these add-ons to your to your Web site to give your readers another reason to come back to your site over and over. Add a weather report, pet adoption search, maze game, jokes and one liners, a virtual pet or a talking virtual character, email forms, guestbooks, passwords, cartoons, calendar, bookmark tool, bulletin boards and more.

Parlis.com - Instant Messages
This service adds instant communication to your site allowing your readers to know when their friends are online, chat between themselves, create their own communities and more.

yaywastaken.com - Web Site Tools That Just Work
"Simple homepage tools that just work: server-side bookmarks, eBay bidwatch, notepad, calculator, stopwatch and universal navigation with the "superbox"!"

Meteo Weather - Online Weather Reports and Meteo Service
Free weather reports for your Web site.

localendar.com - Free Calendar
"Put our free calendar on your site - with no ads! Maintain your calendar with our Event Editor and the changes appear on your page. Don't have a web page? Give out your calendar's address. www.localendar.com/public/yournamehere Plus, you can search public calendars to find out what's happening near you."

4allfree.com - cartoons, passwords, polls and more
Daily cartoons, password protected pages, free for all links, polls and more to come for you to add to your site.

Quick Search Pet Finder - Find the Pet You Want
Place this banner on your site so your visitors can search for a pet easily. They can choose by location or type of pet. Help these homeless pets find homes.

Site Pal - Add a Talking Character
Add a talking virtual personal or other character to your Web site.

Navehumor.com - Fun Stuff of the Day
Get a free quote or word of wisdom or humorous one liner of the day for your site. Make it any color scheme you want. Choose any combination of 40 different categories. Put it on your website and then you can leave it alone. It updates itself every day and you don't have to do anything.

3-D Perspective Maze Game
Add some code to your site and have a fun maze for your visitors to play in.

Virtual Pet Adoption Center - Adopt a Virtual Pet
Choose the type of virtual pet you want, give it a name and choose the color for your virtual pet. Then just paste the code for your virtual pet into your HMTL and you will have a virtual pet that will play on your Web site.

Bravenet tools for web site hosting email affiliate program and tools for ...
Tool, tools and more tools for your Website. They have created an easy way for anyone to add any tool to their pages for free. Just sign up and copy/paste your way to interactivity and fun on your site.

Web Site Accessories - Freeware and Shareware
Try before you buy shareware and freeware. Guestbooks, counters, messaging, cartoons, passwords, polls and more.

Better Cartoon - Daily Cartoon for Your Web Site
"This script will put a special FREE DAILY CARTOON feature on your non-commercial web site or blog. It is updated daily and is a great way to break up the monotony of any page and keep readers coming back for more. Search through a database of cartoons and send as a free ecard to friends and colleagues!"

Bling Jam
All sorts of cool things you can add to your Web pages. Music, games, globe, watch, Star Wars text effect and much more. Just add the code or fill in the form and you will have something really cool on your site in minutes.

Fetch Book .com - new & used books price comparison
Add this code to your Web site and let your readers compare book prices right from your site. "It's a free service, allowing you to easily compare prices of any book among 60 bookstores, and find a price which is 30% - 80% off the market list price."

With this simple little script you can say hello to your friends from anywhere and tell them where they are from.

Horoscope and Horoscope Pages by Bravenet
Place horoscopes and horoscope pages on your Web site. Icons are available to make your horoscopes look great. Readers of your site can even sign up to have horoscopes sent to them by email. Just add the code and they handle the rest.

The place to go to take advantage of five new dynamic Web add-ons. Web publishers of all ages can use the Gears to insert quotes, take polls, track and manage links, have visitors recommend the site to friends, or post feedback from visitors who have signed their guest book.

Laugh Player
"Add hours of FREE AUDIO comedy content to any website with the Laugh Player. No pop-ups, no complex code, and only a 25kb profile. Simply cut and paste to add hours of laughter to any website."

Mapdaze - Create Maps for your Blog
"This tool allows people to create Google map for their blog. The map will allow blog writers to easily embed maps (without having to know javascript programming). Users can show where a particular place is, where they went, and it even has a link to get directions to that particular location"

Maps For Your Web Site
Add a map to your Web site. Interested in a certain country? Show off a map of it on your Web site.

Master.com is a free, privately branded collection of remotely hosted applications for webmasters. Features include site search, Internet search, stock quotes, message board, feedback manager, auctions and classifieds, and a couple of other things.

McLean USA News Network
Website designers can add headline newsfeeds to their web page using our free newsfeed service.

MiniMobs for Chatting
MiniMobs is a chat program that looks like a cool cell phone. Many different styles and colors to choose from.

Most Plays Online Games
"MostPlays provides free flash games with embed code to be placed on any personnal hompages on the net and even myspace profiles, wherever html code is accepted these fun free flash games can be placed."

Featured Pet Module Code Generator
Add featured pets to your site to help them find homes quicker. This form will help you add these homeless pets to your pages.

Pyzam Toys
Really cool things for your Web site. Scratch off notes, post it notes, magic 8 ball, fridge magnets, Christmas countdown, lava lamp, fortune cookie and more.

RockYou - Slideshows, Fun Notes, Glitter Text, Countdowns, Corkboard..
All sorts of fun things you can add to MySpace, Blogger or any other Web site. Slideshows, Fun Notes, Glitter Text, Countdowns, Corkboard and much more.

QuoteMedia.com - charts, quote boxes, news services, More
Charts, quote boxes, news services, watch lists, market indices and more financial tools to add to your Web site. All are fully customizable and easy to integrate.

SiteSpeed Video Chat
".. free personal video mail and low cost desktop video conferencing."

Slide - Create a Slideshow for Your Web Site
This slideshow creator will help you add your photos to your site as a slideshow.

Speech Agent - Animated Talking Characters
Get a free animated talking character for your Web site. Create a message for your readers.

The Ticker Factory
Countdown pregnancy, anniversary, birthday, weight loss and more with these countdown graphics.

Walk Score
Find out what your home's walk score is. Type in your address and get a score based on how close you are to places you can walk to. Add this to your homepage, Twitter, Facebook or email it to a friend.

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