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Vine Video App for Twitter


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Guide to Vine Video, the Twitter App for Shooting 6-Second Videos That Loop
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Vine video app sign up screen


What is the Twitter Vine Video App?

Vine video is a free mobile video app that lets users shoot 6-second video clips and loop them using an innovative start-and-stop touch-screen interface. Twitter owns Vine and rolled it out in the iTunes App Store in January 2013. The app is only available initially for the iPod Touch and iPhones 3GS and higher, but other versions are in the works, too.

Users can share their clips on Twitter and with other users of the app on Vine's own network. One innovative aspect is how the videos are automatically looped, so the 6 seconds of sound and motion repeats unless a viewer taps on the video to stop it. Another innovation is the recording interface--you can repeatedly start and stop recording any Vine video clip simply by touching your phone's screen, thus allowing you to quickly splice together different video segments into a micro movie of sorts. The Vine blog highlights the creative potential for quirky short clips.

How do you Sign up for Vine and Get Started?

After you download the free app from the App Store and fire it up on your phone, you'll see a couple of permission requests from Vine. The app will ask if it can push notifications to you and also if it can access your location information to identify where videos were shot.

Next will be the sign up screen shown above. You can choose to sign in with your Twitter account, which will allow you to instantly tweet links to any Vine videos you shoot out to your Twitter followers. Or you can simply submit your email address to get a new account.

Either way, Vine will ask you to create a unique user name and password (passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number.)

Next, You'll see your profile page. If you've selected to sign in through Twitter, Vine creates a profile on your behalf by pulling your Twitter name and info. You can change, it, though. And you can add this information to your profile yourself if you've opted not to connect to Twitter.

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