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Viddy Review: Mobile Video Made Easy

Guide to Viddy, the social video network


How to Use Video on iPhone

Viddy on iPhone

by Leslie Walker
Viddy is one of the hottest video sharing apps available for mobile phones. Viddy is easy to use and is available for Apple iOS phones and devices. An Android version is in the works, too.

(This guide to mobile video sharing apps lists Viddy's many rivals, and this overview of micro video apps explains the trend that is taking apps like Viddy into the mainstream.)

What is Viddy?

Viddy is a mobile app for editing, enhancing and sharing video clips of up to 15 seconds. It's often compared to Instagram because it lets you add special effects with the click of a button. Viddy basically has two ways of enhancing your cell phone videos--with special visual effects and with music.

It makes sharing your videos with social networks easy by adding connectivity to major networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

How to Use Viddy

You start by downloading the app in the Apple iTunes store. Then you launch the app on your phone and sign up to create an account using one of three possible IDs: your email address, Facebook ID or Twitter ID.

Then it will ask if you want to add Viddy to your Facebook Tmeline, which you can decline or accept.

As soon as you sign up, it will present a list of recommended people to follow. It's a good idea to choose at least a couple of people whose User IDs and profile photos look interesting. That way, you will be able to see how the social features work as soon as you enter the service, including the "activity stream" of videos shared by those users and their activity on Viddy, such as updates such on how many videos they've shared and liked.

There's also a "Trending" button that shows you videos garnering a lot of views and likes on the network. What kind of videos are popular on Viddy? Well, dancing is huge, as are clips of skateboarding and other sports. But since millions of people are using it, Viddy is becoming more like a mobile YouTube every day, with all kinds of video footage on every imaginable topic--only shorter in length than the typical YouTube clip. Viddy is strict about enforcing its 15-second limit. Only clips of that length or shorter can be uploaded

How Viddy Works

To create, edit and post a video to Viddy, start by either choosing "camera" and shooting something, or choosing your photo library and selecting a pre-shot video clip. Then it will say "Make it Beautiful," which is the link to show the list of Viddy's special visual effects operations.

When you choose the effect you want, it will immediately start compressing your video file to apply that visual filter. You can dial the effect up or down in intensity simply by moving the slider next to "FX" to the right or the left. Same goes with the music slider bar; you can slide the bar to the right or left to dial the music volume up or down.

When you like the way your video looks and sounds, click the "Next" button at top right. It will invite you to give your video a title and Share or "Post" it. The default choices on the sharing menu are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. Your video also will be posted to Viddy's own network.

If you click "Post" without choosing a particular social network, it will simply post your video to Viddy's network, where anyone who's chosen to "follow" you will see your video. Your own posted videos are blended with those of other people in your personalized video feed (a constant stream of videos, kind of like your Twitter timeline or Facebook news feed) which you see whenever you sign into Viddy.

Pre-installed visual effects include three free ones -- Vintage (creates a kind of grainy, old-time look), BW (for black and white,)and Crystal (kind of a shimmering effect.) Click "more" and then "marketplace" to see and download additional free video production packs or to buy additional premium special effects packs. One popular free one, for example, is Glam, which adds a lightly sparkling look to the video.

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