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Mobile Apps

This Mobile Apps Guide can help you find the best mobile applications for your phone or tablet, including the iPhone, Android, Windows phone and more. Many phone applications are highly social; learn about the social features of all the top phone application software.
  1. Mobile Social Networks (17)
  2. Mobile video apps (15)
  3. Mobile Audio Apps (4)
  4. Mobile Messaging (9)
  5. Using Social Meda on iPhones (1)

Highlight Mobile App
The Highlight mobile app is an application for the iPhone that locates friends and friends of friends when they're nearby using a Facebook connection and GPS.

Micro Video Guide for Mobile Phones
Micro-video referes to short videos typically shot on mobile phones. A ton of new social service have sprung up to help people share videos shot on their cell phones.

Mobile Video Sharing StartUps Pop Up Everywhere
Mobile video sharing apps are helping millions of people edit and share short videos shot on their smart phones. Klip, SocialCam, and Viddy are a few examples of hot mobile video apps.

Candy Crush Saga's King to Go Public
King Digital Entertainment filed for an IPO and disclosed financial and use data for Candy Crush Saga.

Video Status Updates: Short Video Messaging Apps
Video status updates are typically short video messages recorded and shared from mobile phones. Keek, Tout and Vloggo are examples of video update apps that help people make use of their video cameras on smart phones.

WhatsApp Messenger Review: Five Stars
WhatsApp is one of the world's most popular text chat apps for mobile phones. Find out why. g

Facebook Camera Review
Facebook Camera for iOS is an app for iPhones that lets you edit and batch upload photos to Facebook.

Send Free Text Messages With These 4 Apps
Anyone can send free text messages on a smart phone; these apps can help you do it.

Ebook Subscription Services Could Change How People Read
Scribd and Oyster offer reading subscriptions for flat monthly fees and are available on mobile devices.

Mobile shopping increased sharply at Thanksgiving 2013
Mobile shopping rose sharply on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

"Guess the Emoji" Game Guide
"Guess the Emoji" is an addictive picture puzzle game. This review explains how it works.

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