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Memorials and Tributes - Memorial Pages About People and Groups

Tributes and memorials to loved ones and groups. Some are to armed forces that had been lost in wars and there is a special memorial page to September 11.
  1. September 11, 2001 (32)
  2. Tsunami Asia (9)
  3. Virginia Tech April 16,2007 (7)
  4. Hurricane Katrina (13)

Create Your Own Memorial or Tribute Page For Free
Has there been something in your life that has touched you so much that you want to create a Web page telling about it? Here are some tips and tools to help you build your own tribute or memorial page.

Baby Boomers Remebrance page
In memory of friends lost.

Bar-th Ranch - Memorial of Don Barth
This woman from Texas has created this memorial page to remember her husband.

Bruce Wayne Carter, USMC
"Bruce Wayne Carter received posthumously the Congressional Medal of Honor. His mother Georgie Carter Krell is a Mother of Honor and past president of Gold Star Mothers."

The Coal Miner
A pictorial and historical view of a memorial to the anthracite miner.

Dalton Knauss Memorial Home Page
"In memory of my son Dalton who died at age 15 from AEA."

"This site is dedicated to my sister, Kathy, who passed away from brain cancer. Her 10 year old daughter contributed a very personal and touching page to this site."

Heart - Tribute
"I wanted to create a tribute page for people who died from heart problems."

In Memory of John Ciampi
Pictures, videos, news, and private words of a 21 year old College football star who died tragically.

Janine Austin Memorial
"The memorial website of Janine Austin. Janine passed away February 26, 2003 in Flint Michigan at the young age of 55. She will be sorely missed by many."

Loving Memory Of Douglas Ray Jester Jr
"It's about the loss of my 21 yr. old due to Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, and about how hard it was to make the choice to remove life support and let him give the gift of life and sight to another due to not discussing this with family before."

Martin Finch Memorial Fund - Meningitis Research
"This site was started after the death of our14 year old son 'Martin' in December 1999 from Meningococcal Septicaemia.The aim of the site is to inform people about Meningitis, help raise awareness about Meningitis and to raise funds for research into the cause.."

Matthew Wayne Shepard
Find out who Matthew was and how and why he died.

Missing Children Memorandum
This page is dedicated to some children who are missing.

Morgan Lee Pena
A Call for Support for Cellular Phone Legislation! Morgan Lee, died as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash when their car was broadsided by a driver who was busy dialing his cellular phone.

A Raid on Munich
"My Father's story of a bombing raid over Germany, and his capture, imprisonment and the Death March that followed."

674th Bombardment Squadron (L)
"A tribute to my dad who served in the United States Army Air Force in the 417th Bombardment Group (L), 674th Bombardment Squadron (L) in WWII, under the direction of General Kenney, in the 5th Air Force."

Steve Abbott: A Daughter's Memoir
A fabulous memorial to a loved father. Find out how he lived and why he died so young. This site is full of stories, poetry and photographs.

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