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Make Money from Your Web Site

Sign up for a program and make some money. If you keep track of your stats and get your page views up you just might be able to figure out how to make some money from your personal Web site using some of these programs.

Add Google Adsense to Google Page Creator
Google Page Creator now allows JavaScript. This opens you up to earning money with your Google Page Creator Web Site. Add Google Adsense to your Google Page Creator Web site and earn a little money from your Google Page Creator Web site.

Making Money With Ads
With a few simple changes to your personal Web site you can easily make a few bucks. Take a few minutes to read through these tips and then make some quick changes.

Make Money From Your Site
Fill in some of that extra space on your site with good looking ads. Maybe you'll make a little money on the side without hard work. Just pick what you like and paste the ads on. Making money from your site is easy.

Make Money On Your Site With Google
If you've been trying to earn money from your Web site then you've probably heard of Google Adsense. Now they offer a new tool to help you. Not only will you earn more money, you will add search to your site too.

Affiliate Fuel
Get paid whenever someone signs up for a trial membership or a free service. Add these banner or text ads to your site and make some money.

Google Adsense - What is Google Adsense?
What is Google Adsense? How can Google Adsense be used to make money on your personal website?

Link to posters and artwork of all kinds and make sales. These are great if you need graphics for your site. You can use them as graphics and make sales at the same time.

Amazon sells all kinds of products. Books, clothes, toys and much more. Sell these products on your site and make money from it.

Barnes & Noble
Every time a customer you refer buys from our site, you earn a percentage of the sale.

Become An Affiliate .Com
Valuable information and opportunities to help YOU make money on the web. Affiliate directory! Join or submit your own affiliate programs for free!

Buy Me Beer PayPal Link
Put this PayPal link on your page and let people send you money.

Find out how much you can really earn. Check out the points system to earn even more just by doing simple things like visiting sites and filling out surveys.

Cafe Press
Design your own store with your own merchandise to sell through your Website.

Clicksor - Tageted Pay Per Click Ads
All you do is place the code on your Web pages and watch as people click on them and you get paid for it. The ads are targeted which means they will be related to the content on your page automatically.

Club Depot
Put a banner on your Web site and earn money every month for people who sign up for this Internet service provider.

DishPronto by Dish Network
"Where as VMC's program pays $50 for the first 20 systems sold, we pay $70 for the first 5, $90 for 6-20 units sold and $110 for 21+ systems activated."

Get smaller URL's for your site and use cloaked redirects to get more hits from search engines.

Family Safe Media
Add a link to your site and they will pay you (or give you credit for) a percent of any sales that come through that link during the next year.

They are looking for related sites to place a link back to them. In return they will pay those sites 15% of all sales that are generated from their site’s traffic.

Genius Babies
Earn a percent of sales when you sell these products from your Web site.

Havahart Cyber Partners Program
Earn 5% commission for online sales of bird feeders, dog crates and accessories, cage traps, and repellents for your lawn and garden.

Home Job - Free Money for you Doing a Work at Home
"Learn how to maximize your income with top get paid programs."

Ideal Revenue - Affiliate Revenue Program
Sign up for this affiliate program and start adding their ads to your Web site so you can start earning money.

The Internet Marketing Center Associates Program
Simply place a link to their site from your personal Web page and get paid everytime they make a sale from the link.

Kontera ContentLink Ad Formats
Add one of these cute content link bubbles to your pages and start making some ad money.

Lengua Translations Affiliate Program
Earn a percent of the profits from every sale made from your site.

Make Money With Doorway Pages
This is a very simple way to make money from your computer. Using affiliate programs and doorway pages you will soon be supporting yourself.

"providing the next generation ad solutions that allow marketers to track user interactions and accurately target and engage customers."

Mesmerizing Mails
No minimum payouts for this affiliate program. I believe you are selling ads through email.

Money for Jam.. and Life!
This is a site with links to affiliate programs offered on the web. It is a way of creating extra income and potentially even a primary income with the help of many others trying to do the same all over the world.

NitroClicks - A Way To Earn and Get Paid
Do simple things on the Internet and get paid to do them. Earn from $.20 to $4.00 for each assignment.

Earn money each time your visitors request free stuff! Link to sign up page is on the left.

Screensavers.com Affiliate Program
Earn money each time someone downloads a screensaver and wallpaper.

Make your Webpage work for you. Learn how to make money on your Website.

SitStay Rewards
Earn money for your dog club, support your rescue organization, put a little money in your pocket, and earn a percent on every sale you recommend.

Snapfish Affiliate Program
$10 for every new customer AND 8% commission on repeat customer purchases. Monthly affiliate coupons and promotions.

Trellian Referral Partner Program
Whenever someone clicks on this ad from your site and buys something from Trellian within the next 12 months you will earn 15% commission.

Victor Pests Cyber Partners Program
Earn 5% commission when your site's visitors click on this ad and buy pest control products from this online store.

VMC Satellite - Dish Network Affiliate Program
Make $50 - $100 everytime you sell a free Dish Network satellite system.

"A compilation of the Best "get paid and rewarded to use the web" programs with links to cool and useful free webmaster goodies & tools, website advertising and more added all the time! Visitors are invited to submit their favorites as well and possibly get listed in the YC2zine!"

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