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eValentines on Facebook


Facebook makes sending eValentines to your friends really easy with all the ecard applications they have. Valentine's Day is not the only reason to send a valentine to someone you love, you can do it just because. People really like it when they receive something unexpected. Of course, these ecard Facebook applications are good for more than just sending eValentines too.

Send Holiday Gifts

Virtual gifts are fun. They're fun to give and fun to receive. They're not real, but they let you know that someone is thinking about you, and if you get something you like, all the better. The Holiday Gifts Facebook application is all about giving and getting virtual gifts. [p]Just about every holiday is listed in this gift giving application. Valentine's Day just may be upon the most popular. Send Valentine Day gifts to all your Facebook friends.

123Greetings eCards

With over 20,000 ecards for more than 3,000 different occasions you're bound to find an ecard to send to your Facebook friends. 123Greetings eCards offers a huge selection of eValentine you can send to your Facebook friends in all different categories. Find "Happy Valentine's Day" ecards, "I Love You" ecards, kisses and smooches, love songs, poems, cards especially for the man in your life, and more. Some eValentines are funny and others are serious, and everything in between.

Cool Greeting Cards

ECards for birthdays, holidays, parties, relationships, celebrations, friendships and cards with humor, love, sexy, funny and even edgy content. Even add music and audio to these ecards. Cool Greetings Cards makes professionally done ecards you can send to your Facebook friends. Send your Facebook friends a cute little eValentine to let them know how much you care.
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