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Create Your Own Facebook Profile Cards


Create Your Own Facebook Profile Cards

Need some personal business type cards to give out to your friends so they can find you on Facebook? Profile Cards are just the thing. Profile cards are little cards, similar to business cards, that have your Facebook profile photo, Facebook page address and information about you from your Facebook profile on them.

Creating a profile card is easy because all your Facebook info will be imported for you. You can hand them out to friends and new friends as you make them so they can find you on Facebook.

They're not free though. They run about $20 for 100 cards. There are promotion codes to be found once you add the application to your Facebook friends list.

Before You Start

  • Make sure you have photos in your Facebook photo album. These are the photos that you'll be able to add to your Facebook profile cards.

  • Tag the photos you'll want to choose from with your name. Only photos tagged with your name will show up in the photo selector for the profile cards.

  • Update the About Me section of your Facebook profile to read the way you want it to read on your Facebook profile cards.

  • Fill out all the sections of your Facebook profile that you want to show up on your Facebook profile cards. These can be filled in while you're creating the profile cards, but you should have this filled out on your Facebook profile anyway.

    Add Define Profile Cards Application

    1. Go to the Define Profile Cards application page. Here you can see a sample of a profile card.

    2. Click on the blue "Add Application" button on the right side of the page. On the next page click on the button that says "Add Define Profile Cards".

    Create Your Profile Cards

    1. If you're just adding Define Profile Cards to your profile, move on to step 2. If you've already added Define profile cards to your profile and you're looking to create more cards, go to the Define Profile Cards homepage and click on "Create Facebook Cards".

    2. Choose a theme for your Facebook profile cards. There are many different designs and colors to choose from. Scroll through them all, try them out, and choose the one you like best. Then click "Next".

    3. Choose an image for the front of your profile card and another for the back of your profile card. If you don't have any images listed then you need to go back to your Facebook profile and add some images to your Facebook profile, or tag some images with your name, then start over with creating your profile cards. You can shrink or enlarge your photos right in the photo selector if you need to once you add them to the cards.

    4. On the next page you'll get to fill in what you wish to show up on your profile cards. Many of the lines will already be filled out for you, having been pulled right from your Facebook profile. Change and add whatever you want. Make sure your Facebook URL is right, mine didn't show up. When everything is the way you want it, move on to the next page.

    5. If you're absolutely sure the cards look the way you want them to, click "Checkout".

    6. All you have to do now is checkout to have your new profile cards sent to you. If you have a promotional card, don't forget to add it here.

    7. Enter your shipping and billing information and your new Facebook profile cards will be on their way.
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