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Get Your Own Facebook Usernames

Personalize with a Facebook Username


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Facebook is finally allowing people to personalize the address of their Facebook profiles with Facebook usernames. Facebook usernames will make it a lot easier for someone to find you on Facebook. Instead of being just another number, your Facebook username will create unique identifiers for you that your friends can type into their browser's address bar.

Facebook has always wanted people to use their real names, that way their friends can find them and connect with them easier. Yet, in your profile's address, there was just a number that your friends would have to type to get to your profile. Facebook usernames will make remembering where your Facebook profile is easier.

Example of Facebook Usernames

  • The old Facebook format for a profile looks like this:


  • A new profile with a Facebook username will look like this:


Why Use a Facebook Username?

  • It's easier to send a URL with a Facebook username in it. Send emails and text all your friends with your new Facebook URL.

  • Better for search engines. Your Facebook URL is more likely to show up in search engines if it has a Facebook username in it.

  • The Facebook username gives you a personal space on the Web with which to send your friends.

What will your Facebook username be?

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