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Exploring the Facebook Privacy Search Page

Facebook Privacy Settings


Facebook Privacy Search

Facebook Privacy Search


If keeping your Facebook photos, videos or even your messages private is important to you, then you'll need to learn to set up your Facebook privacy settings. This specific tutorial focuses on Facebook's privacy search features.

These are the privacy settings that will help keep your messages and photos from being seen on Google, or even elsewhere on Facebook if you wish. Facebook can be as private, or as public, as you want it to be.

Go to the Facebook privacy search settings page so we can get started.

Search Discovery

This is who, not already on your friend list, can find you through search on Facebook. Do you want only your friends to be able to find you on search, this is good for kids and for very private people. Or do you want everyone to be able to find you on search, this is good for people searching for old friends, or new friends.

There's also every options in between. You can let friends of your friends find you in search, that way you can make new friends, but only select people. You can join networks and let the other people in those networks find you in search. Or you can let your friend's friends and your network friends all find you in search.

Search Result Content

When people who are not on your friend list do find you in search, what do you want them to be able to see on your profile? You can opt to let them see your profile picture, your friend list, pages your fans of, a link to add you as a friend, a link to send you a message.

You could uncheck all the boxes and let them see absolutely nothing (good for kids). If you're not a child though the only purpose this would serve is to never get any friends. Even for kids this may not really be an option because no one could ever send you a friend request or a message.

If someone is looking to become your friend, they'll first need to know if it's really you. Your profile photo could help them decide that. Being able to send you a message asking if it's really you could help them too. Seeing if you have any friends in common may also help. Before unchecking, think about what you want from your Facebook.

Public Search Listing (Search Engines)

Here's the big one. Do you want your Facebook to be searchable outside Facebook, say, on Google? If so make sure this box is checked. If not, then make sure that this box is unchecked.


Don't forget to click "Save Changes" when you're finished or else your changes won't be saved. Safe Facebooking!

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