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How To Change your Facebook Profile Picture


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  • Every once in a while you should change the profile picture on your Facebook profile because, face it, as you get older you look different. There are other reasons to change your Facebook profile picture too. Maybe you want to use one that your friends from high school will recognize. Or you found a cool avatar that you think looks like you. This is how you can change your Facebook profile picture.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Time Required: 5 minutes

    Here's How:

    1. Move your mouse over to the upper right hand corner of your current profile picture.
    2. "Change Picture" will pop up, click on it.
    3. Now you'll have the options to; upload a new picture, take a picture with your webcam, choose a picture from one of your Facebook albums, edit the picture you already have, or remove the picture altogether.
    4. You can also use a photo in which you've been tagged. Just go to where that photo is on Facebook and select "Make Profile Picture" link found at the bottom right hand corner of the picture.
    5. After selecting a picture you'll be about to crop the picture and resize it before adding it as your new profile picture.

      * What's Your Profile Picture?

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