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Create Your Music Wish List

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Create Your Music Wish List

With this music wish list tool from gBox you can let your friends know which kinds of music you like and what you want them to buy for you. Using the gBox wish list tool you create your own personalized music wish list with all your favorite music on it. Then you post it to your personal website, blog or social networking site.

Using the upload tool or code given to you from gBox, you can add the gBox wish list to MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Tagged, Classmates, MyYearBook, your personal blog or any other site that allows HTML.

Features of the gBox Wish List

  • Listen First - There's a little arrow next to each song on the list that lets you listen to the music before you add it to your gBox wish list.

  • Add From Friend's List - If you're looking through your friend's gBox wish list and you find a song you really like and want to add to your wish list, click on "Add to Wishlist" and add it.

  • Preview - Make it so that when someone opens your social network profile your gBox wish list will start to play automatically.

  • Buy Gifts - Buy music for your friends by clicking on the song in their gBox wish list.

Adding the gBox Wish List

On the left side of the gBox website you'll see a box labeled "How gBox Works". At the top of that box is a link that says "more help". Click on this link to add your gBox wish list to your personal website, blog or social networking site. There are instructions on the site to help you add gBox to your website, blog or social networking site.

Facebook - Adding the gBox wish list to Facebook is done the same as adding any Facebook application. Just click "Add Now" and follow the directions.

MySpace - When you go to add the gBox wish list to MySpace you just need to give gBox your MySpace email and password, then choose which section of your MySpace profile you want the gBox wish list to show up on.

Friendster, Tagged - Just log in to your site from gBox and your gBox wish list will be added for you.

Campusbug, Classmates, MyYearBook - Adding your gBox wish list to one of these sites takes a few more steps. Follow the directions given for each. You'll need to add some code to your site, don't worry, it's easy.

Personal Website or Blog - Adding the gBox wish list to your personal website or blog is also a matter of adding some code to your site. Make sure to use the HTML feature of your website or blog to do this.

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kis the rain, Member izwar

I often close my eyes And I can see you smile You reach out for my hand And I'm woken from my dream Although your heart is mine It's hollow inside I never had your love And I never will And every night I lie awake Thinking maybe you love me Like I've always loved you But how can you love me Like I loved you when You can't even look me straight in my eyes

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