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How To Add Executable (.exe) Files To Web Pages


Have you created a program that you think your readers will benefit from? Did you get permission to add a link to an exe file on your Web site? This is how you add the file to your Web page so your readers can open it or download it.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 10 - 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Make Sure You're Allowed - Some hosting services don't allow files over a certain size and some don't allow certain types of files. Make sure that what you are about to add to your site is allowed by your Web hosting service first. You don't want to get your site shut down for not following the rules or do a lot of work getting ready to add the file to find out you can't.

    Hosting service doesn't allow these types of files? Get your own domain name or switch to another hosting service.

  2. Upload To Your Web Site - Upload your files using the easy file upload program that your Web hosting service provides. If they don't provide one then you need to use an FTP program.

  3. Find Your File's Address (URL) - Where did you upload the file to? Did you add it to the main folder or to another folder? Or, did you create a new folder just for executable files? Find the address so you can link to it.

  4. Choose The File Location - Which page, and where on the page, do you want the link to your executable file to be? You could make the file open when the page opens, but a lot of people find this annoying and some find it to be bad form. So you should decide where you want the link to the file to show on the page.

  5. Find The Location in Your HTML - Look through your code until you find the spot where you want to add the link to your file. You may want to add

    before you enter the code to add a space.

  6. Add The Link - Add the code to the place where you want the link to show up. It's actually the same link code that you would use for a normal page link. You can make the text say anything you want it too.

  7. example
    --Your site is hosted at freeservers
    --Your user name is "sunny"
    --Your homepage is located at http://sunny.freeservers.com
    --You uploaded the file to the main directory in your file manager
    --The file is called "flowers.exe"
    --The text you want the reader to click on is "Click here for flowers."
    --Your code will look like this:
    Click here for flowers.

  8. If you had uploaded the file to a folder called "fun", your code would look like this instead:
    Click here for flowers.

  9. Testing The Link - IF you are creating your Web page on your computer before downloading it, and the file, to your server and you want to test the link to make sure it works right you will need to link to it on your hard drive.

  10. Test the link:
    --Your file is located in the "My Documents" folder
    --It is called "flowers.exe"
    --The text says "Click here for flowers."
    --Code is: Click here for flowers.

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