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People have many different interests and hobbies. These people wrote their Web sites about their interests and hobbies and tell you why they did it.
  1. Ultimation
  2. Patient Twenty Three
  3. paulclement.com
  4. My Red Self

Angel's Love Songs - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
Angel's Love Songs. Romantic love songs with java applets and original graphics and designs.

C.E.Life's Home Page - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
This man works at tarot readings on the Internet and lots of other projects too. Come see his many works on his site.

All My Children: In my Humble Opinion - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
This All My Children fan site has brought him a lot of popularity among the other fans. He has all sorts of things on his site that any fan would love.

Sierra Nevada Mountain Climbing - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
He love mountains and the ocean. See pictures and read stories about some of the most difficult mountain climbing experiences he has had along the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Life With Deb - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
Zany humor and wierd jokes. If you love to laugh then you will love this site. She does this as a creative outlet and to entertain her friends and family and you will be entertained too.

Elegant Designs - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
My personal site is about my family of pets and my friends and my stationery site is stationery I have created using art work with permission from artists to post for downloading and tutorials for Scrippy and PSP 7.

Maria's Duck Tales - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
Watch the ducks but don't pick the flowers. See pictures and read stories about the wildlife that she protects, grows and takes care of.

Sanctuary! - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
A Christian Web site to discuss Jesus and salvation. There are also things on this site to help non-believers learn about who Jesus was, what he did and what he can do.

SpiritWolf's Domain - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
Free backgrounds, screen savers, desktop themes, greeting cards an much much more.

Tasmanian Gardeners create Eden - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
Come see their fabulous, Tasmanian gardens. They retired to create Eden and they have succeeded. See what they have done and be amazed.

Wizardry Shop - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
These are my home, hobby, information and business pages. I have composed pages relating to where we live (Robson Valley, BC, Canada), Animals of many kinds, personal, and my "Wizardry Shop", a craft gallery.

A Small Photo Album - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
This retired pastor wants to show you the world through his photography. These beautiful photos will take your breath away.

Toppers Place - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
Site features computer information, poetry,medical resources, recipes, talents of people on the www,veterans tributes, prose, photos.

Mediums That Hide - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
People who have an interest in reading, roller coasters, or travel might enjoy Mediums That Hide. It contains book reviews, a section on specific authors, roller coaster descriptions and ratings, and an online diary.

Jen's Home on the Net - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
Site dedicated to an American's love for India. I had traveled there several times and lived in Chennai for two years to earn my Master's in Social Work from Madras Christian College.

American Memorial Tribute - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
A Tribute to all the victims and their families of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

WTC Trauer - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
A german-english page (trauer=mourning in english), designed to get in contact with people and to help coping with Sept 11th attacks on World Trade Center in a personal way, just to spread useful information and statements.

A Tribute To The Heroes Of September 11,2001 - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
This site is a tribute to the Heroes Of September 11,2001. It contains an original poem entitled..."A Lovely Day To Fly."

Katie's Page - Interests & Hobbies Site Profile
Just a little about my life, who's important in it, the trips I've been on - backpacking in the Grand Caynon for example - and my life at UGA! Fun!

Sleeping Tiger
Interview with the author of Sleeping Tiger. "This is a unique 6 page (at this time) audio enhanced poetic tribute to the events surrounding Sept. 11/2001. All animations and photos link to some rather interesting and provoking graphics, etc. Some pages unsuitable for the eyes of children."

Collected Works of Jason Meade
Interview with the author of Collected Works of Jason Meade. "Original essays on subjects around politics, economics, and Asia. Also an archive of other articles and papers Asia, Bosnia, China, Globalization, the Islamic World, and anything else under the sun."

Island Beach State Park
Interview with the author of Island Beach State Park. "This site lets you know all about Island Beach State Park. There is an image map that shows where where all of the trails are and links to a decription of what you can expect at each location."

Daycare Reviews
Interview with the author of NAME OF SITE. "The goal of this site is to provide information to parents from other parents on daycares they have had experience with, good or bad."

Hybreed Customs
Interview with the author of Hybreed Customs. "This site is about Hybreed Customs, and what Hybreed Customs does, is custom paint on cars, trucks, suv's, etc. Pretty much just pictures of past work that has been put out there with our name on it."

Angela's Fun Pages
"Angela's Fun Pages is full of Poems and Stories that I've collected or ran across and that have all some how touched my heart. It is a very friendly family site that is kept child safe at all times just as all my sites are and will continue to be."

art of rene joseph
"Artist's site with examples of paintings, free coloring book, and free greeting cards."

Arabella Figg's Hogwarts Express
"Harry Potter appreciation site by the adult; includes information on the books and movie adaptations, as well as extensive gallery of licensed products."

The Bicycling Guitarist
"It started as a showcase of my lyrics, but now has essays I have written for college and university, pages about my car, my bicycle, my cats, and there are still more sections in the works."

Baby Borg's Home Page
"My site has a little bit of everything--my bio, poetry, book lists, commentaries ("rants"), education resources, and a whole lot of links to things I love."

Brian W. Fairbanks-Writer
Brian is a writer who has written many different things including profiles of actors, film, essays on different subjects and humorous things too. See what he has posted on his site for you to read.

Elle's Web Pages
"An eclectic view of Elle's interests, from escape into Christmas to the War in Afghanistan."

CyberBob City!
"This is the personal web site of me, CyberBob, and the home of CBC Web Design, Inc. Come check out my profile,portfolio, links, favorite shareware, and everything my brain can come up with."

A Friar's Journal
Friar Abet is on a small island where there is not a lot of Internet access yet he has still managed to get online and create a Web site to help teach his students the anyone can do anything if they really want to and the Internet is a great place to start.

Pedro's TT World
"Table Tennis/Ping-Pong made easy!"

Flavors of the South
Her Web site gives recipes of some of her favorite southern fare. Many of the recipes are spicy some are not. There is also a section on the site about digital photography.

"Fast Rides, Cool Tats, and Gut-Busting Funnies...Celebrating the Freak in all of us!"

The Village Of Glasford
"Dedicated to the people of Glasford, Illinois USA."

Lisa's Web World
Experience nostalgia on many topics; fashion, TV shows, amusement parks, movies, radio, art and more.

World Images
"Contains photos of places, nature, art & culture, and more."

Mary Jane's web page
Find out what her interests and hobbies are and see some of the Web design work she has done. The site is simple now but it is still very new.

Mimi Kersting's Vintage-Styled Art
Mimi Kersting is a New Orleans-based artist who is inspired by the past, namely the 1940's and 1950's.

Today's Woman
"Today's-woman is a website where men and women can go for daily information and inspiration on health, news, relationships, entertainment, advice, general discussion, Poetry and so much more."

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