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Using Your Twitter Homepage: Step by Step Guide


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Using Twitter Homepage: Step by Step Guide
Twitter home page

Your Twitter homepage has five small tabs beneath the "What's Happening" box at left.

Twitter has repeatedly remodeled its Twitter homepage on the Web, creating various ways to use the short-messaging service beyond just sending out 140-character messages in the "What's Happening" box.

Although free Twitter clients or dashboards are available, most people still use Twitter's homepage on the Web as their primary interface for reading and sending tweets.

If you use the Twitter homepage as your dashboard, it's important to understand what the five horizontal menu tabs directly below the "What's Happening" box do. You should use them all to get the most out of Twitter.

The five tabs on your Twitter homepage, appearing in the image above, are Timeline, @YourUserName, Activity, Searches and Lists. Let's start with the default Timeline view.

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