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The Internet is a wondrous thing. There are pages upon pages of information everywhere you look, both good and bad. They range from science and health to homepages and X-rated material. Anything you want to know you can find out about right here on the Net.

One interesting wave of pages that has come out is the personal Web page where people tell about their family, friends, and interests that they have. This special type of page can be about just about anything that is not commercial or related to a business you want to advertise. There are many places on the Web that allow you to create such a page and use their server space. Some will charge you a small fee but others are completely free.

Start Pages

There are different kinds of places that allow you to have your own site for free. There is the kind that gives you options that you pick from a list and from those options they create a page for you to use. You can add your own links but that's as far as your creativity goes. These pages offer you a place to start on the Web if you're stuck and don't know where to go. Often they will also have news, stocks, horoscopes, comics, and many other fun things. I call them start pages and I will let you know where you can find some of these places so you can create your own.

  • My Excite Channel - Fill out this simple form and then go through the vast options they offer and you will have a page where you can get just about everything from stock quotes to comics to local news. This page was rated the best start page on the Internet by CNET.
  • Lycos Personal Guide - Not only can you get news but you can also get information on science, technology, fashion, and education by using this page. You also have the advantage of one of the best search engines right on your page.
  • My Yahoo - Yahoo is another search engine that offers a start page. Provided here is U.S. and international news as well as weather and local TV listings.

    More Start Pages

Web Site Hosting

The other type will allow you to create your own page from scratch so before starting start thinking about what issues you want to discuss on your very own page and what you will call it. These places often have a program where they will help you build a page by having you enter information onto a form and then creating it for you. This is the easy way but you can only do so much with it before you will want to learn HTML and do it yourself.
  • Freeservers - 12MB of Web space for your Web site, free matching email address, FTP to upload your files, domain names offered, more.
  • Tripod - 20MB of Web space for your Web site, email address, FTP, domain name option, more.
  • Yahoo! Geocities - 15MB of Web space for your Web site, free matching email address and online email service, file upload offered or you can make your pages online with their HTML editor or easy Web page creator, more.

    More Hosting Sites

It is a great feeling to have your own Web page and to know that you created it yourself. A place where the world can come and see what you have created. You are able to introduce your family and views to whoever happens to view your site. It is also fun to have a start page where you can go and get important and interesting information all in one place. Wherever you decide to put your Web page, don't forget to put a link to my site, Personal Web Pages on About.com.

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