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Website Hosting: How to Host a Web site

If you want to publish a Website or personal space online, you'll need a hosting service to serve as your site's home online. A Web host is a computer that runs special software for hosting websites. You'll need a Web address or domain name, too.
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Why Cheap Hosting is Better Than Free Hosting - Cheap Hosting…
Cheap hosting gives you more than you can get with a free hosting provider. Free site hosting is nice if you only want to build a small personal website so you have a presence on the Web. But if you really want to build a personal website and show yourself off to the world, but don't want to pay a lot, cheap hosting is a better alternative.

How To Build a Website - Hardest Thing About How To Build a Website
What's the hardest thing about how to build a website, especially getting started? This if for those who want to know how to build a website for your own personal needs not those of you who are experts on how to build a website. What do you feel is the hardest part about how to build a website.

Tour Easy Design Web Site Hosting
These Web site hosting services all offer an easy design editor so you can design your site with click and type or drag and drop. No longer do you have to know HTML to create your own Web site. Designing your site is easy when you use one of these Web site hosting services because they make signing up easy, they are free and their Web editors are easy to use. You will have your own personal Web site in minutes using one of these Web site hosting services.

Award: The Best Free Website Hosting Service
Many people want to know where the best place to host there personal website is, for free. I have my personal favorite, but I want to hear what you all have to say. That's why I'm holding this poll.

Angelfire Communications - 20mb web space for web pages
Use their cut and paste template tool to create your free Web site free with 20mb space or upgrade to their Blog tool for $4.95/month.

Dreamwater - 50mb web space, personal web hosting, clip art
50mb Web space, guestbook, chat board, form mail, Web page builder, templates, clip art, simple URL, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hits, no annoying pop-up banners !

Freeservers - domain name, 12MB free web space hosting
Choose a name for your site, pick a template layout and fill it in. You can use HTML if you want to, but you don't have to. Get 12mb space free for your Web site or choose one of their pay packages and get more.

Tripod - 20mb free web space, page builder web hosting
They will give you 20MB of space free to build your homepage and they have a home page builder to help you on your way.

The Batcave 50mb - free web hosting, free web space, free support
Free Hosting! 50 megs of space- easy to use- friendly free support.

ICQ Personal Homepage - hosting on your own computer
Host your own Web page on your computer with this program. Simple to create and use. (Read warnings carefully)

AOL Hometown - 12MB free web space, web page builder, email
12 free MB of space, official star photos, Web page builder, email, and more.

Bappy.com - 12mb domain name, free web host, email,tools
Custom domain such as YOURNAME.bappy.com, unlimited e-mail, statistics and management tools, customizable CGI, guestbook, counters, and are continually adding new functionalities, all for you, for FREE. "We've added domain hosting, more space, and some other great features.."

Yahoo! Geocities Closing Down
Closing down Geocities is Yahoo!'s second mistake, but their biggest. Their first was closing down Yahoo! 360, or maybe starting Yahoo! 360 instead of paying more attention to Yahoo!'s already owned Geocities.

Geocities - 15mb web hosting, free web space for your web page
If you want to really feel like your Web page is part of a large community then this is the place to put your page. 15mb of space.

Web Space - What is Web Space? How Much Web Space do you Need?
What is Web space and how much Web Space do you need?

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