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Haunted Houses, Recipes, Crafts, Clip Art, Treats, Screensavers


Halloween fun! Walk through virtual haunted houses, make Halloween recipes and Halloween crafts, get Halloween clip art and Halloween screensavers and fun things for you and your family to do both online and off. Here are some of the great personal Halloween sites I have found for you.

Virtual Haunted Houses
Scary haunted houses for you to "Walk" through, these virutual haunted houses and grave yards are a lot of fun.

Holiday History

Clip Art

Fun Things To Do Online

  • Absolutely Halloween
    Learn to build a 3D model haunted house for Halloween. Find graphics, play games including word search and a maze, help write a scary story, hear frightening sounds and read jokes.

  • Billy Bear says... Happy Halloween!
    Online Halloween games to play, desktop themes to use, a maze to get lost in, carve a pumpkin postcard and send it to someone, fun food, arts and crafts, party games. So much to do you could spend the day.

  • Funtasia's Haunted Halloween!!
    With great Halloween clip art, fun Halloween games, and lots of things to do you will really enjoy yourself here.

  • Uncialle's Halloween Darksite
    See Halloween images, read about strange things, and get tips on how to haunt from your spirit guide.

Fun Things To Do Offline

Strange & Unusual

  • Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page
    Ghost stories and paranormal links, no UFO's. This site is fabulous. You can visit real haunted houses and read all types of folklore on ghosts.

  • Spooky Poems For Halloween
    Several poems to choose from by Michael Benedikt, a much-published poet with many websites. They are just what the title says, really spooky poems.

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