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Facebook Ad Cleaner

How To Get Rid of Facebook Ads


Facebook Ad Cleaner

Facebook Before Ad Cleaner

Use the Facebook Ad Cleaner script to gets rid of some of the ads and sponsored sections on your Facebook page.

If you really hate seeing ads all over your Facebook page, then you should give this script a try. It works. I added it to my computer, and the ads on my Facebook page disappeared. You can see the before and after photos on this page.

This is certainly not a Facebook approved script, since Facebook wants you to see the ads -- after all, that's how they make money. When you add this script to your computer it will send a signal to your browser telling it not to show that part of the Facebook page.

Install This Script

Before Installing Facebook Scripts

Before adding any of these Facebook scripts to your computer you'll need to first add the Greasemonkey Add On.

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