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7 MySpace Hacks for Privacy


Add these little MySpace hacks into your MySpace profile and you can change the way your MySpace profile looks. These MySpace hacks will also help you gain some MySpace privacy. There are MySpace hacks to: hide your MySpace friends list, hide your age and location, add a scroll bar to your MySpace friends list, hide your contact box, and many more.

I tested each of these MySpace hacks on my own MySpace profile, and they all worked for me. Some of the MySpace hacks didn't work perfectly, but they essentially did what they said they would do. Good luck!

  • MySpace Hack #1: Hide Your Friends List
    No one besides you needs to know who your MySpace friends are. Keep their identities private with this MySpace code. This MySpace code will hide your entire friends list from your MySpace profile.

  • MySpace Hack #2: Hide Friends and Comments
    No one besides you needs to see what your friends are saying to you. This MySpace code will keep your friends comments private so that only you can read them.

  • MySpace Hack #3: Hide Top Friends, Make All Friends Link Instead
    Instead of having a Top Friends list on your MySpace profile, which may upset some of your friends that are not on the list, why not have an All Friends link instead. Using this MySpace code you can create a link on your MySpace profile that will link to your entire MySpace friends list.

  • MySpace Hack #4: How To Hide Blog and Extended Network
    Hide both your MySpace blog and your extended network link with one MySpace code. This MySpace code will keep your MySpace blog private from the world so strangers, or even friends, can't see what you're writing about. At the same time, you'll get rid of that annoying extended network link.

  • MySpace Hack #5: Hide Contact Box
    Stop other people on MySpace from adding you as a friend, adding you to their favorites, blocking you or even sending you messages. Protect your privacy by hiding your entire MySpace contact box using this MySpace code.

    Maybe you only want a select group of friends to be able to contact you, and you're already friends with them, use this MySpace code to get rid of that contact box, keep the strangers away and protect your privacy.

  • MySpace Hack #6: Hide Age, Location, Login
    Don't want people to know where you live or how old you really are? That's what this MySpace code is going to help you with.

    Privacy is an important matter on the Internet today and keeping your address private is on the top of that list. Use this MySpace code to protect your privacy and keep other people from finding out where you live or how old you are.

  • MySpace Hack #7: How To Hide Links at Top of Page
    Get rid of the link bar at the top of your MySpace profile with this MySpace code. You know, the part of the page that links to; home, browse, search, invite.

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