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NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Triggers Fake Social Media Profiles


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Fake Twitter Profile for Edward Snowden
Fake Edward Snowden Twitter Account

Fake Edward Snowden Twitter Account


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden apparently did not maintain a Twitter account, at least not under his own name, according to media accounts.

However, a Twitter profile purporting to be Edward Snowden (shown above) appeared online quickly after the NSA spying scandal erupted, and the fake Snowden profile gained thousands of followers in short order.

In typical fashion for fake Twitter accounts (which often are designed to gain a lot of new followers quickly by spoofing or tracking a big news story), the @ejosephsnowden account was one that had previously been created and used before the scandal erupted. Its owner likely renamed an existing Twitter account when the spying story erupted and added a photo of the real Edward Snowden to the renamed Twitter page, making it appear to a casual visitor that it might actually be Snowden's Twitter account.

But the Twitterati hardly seemed fooled. The account @ejosephsnowden had only 521 followers within a week after it adopted the "Edward Snowden" profile name and image.

People wanting a glimpse of the real Edward Snowden headed over to the Guardian's website, where the newspaper published a video interview with Snowden from Hong Kong and various stories discussing Snowden's biography and motives.

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