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Change Home Page on Google Page Creator


Change Google Home Page

Change Google Home Page


Being able to change which page is your homepage is a great feature, especially for those of us who have created a Web site, only to find that we like another page better than the page we created to originally be our homepage.

Now you won't have to move all your information around to make the other page your homepage. With Google Page Creator, all you have to do it change it.

Change Your Homepage

*(Note: The page you change to your homepage must be a published page.)

  1. Log into your Google Page Creator site manager and go to the main site manager page.

  2. Click on the link that says "Site Settings". This link is found on the right side of the page toward the top.

  3. In the "Homepage" section of this page you'll see a drop down menu that lists the names of all the Web pages you've created on your Google Page Creator Web site. From this menu, click on the name of the page that you want to use as your homepage.

  4. Your homepage will now be changed instantly.

  5. Click on the "Go to my homepage" link to double check that your homepage has indeed been changed.
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