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Girls - Teen's Web Pages

Web pages written by teenage girls. Some are written to help other teens, some are about things teen girls are interested in and some are all about the girl herself.

Bethany's Page
A page of pictures of her and her friends.

Dania's World
A fun teen site with games quizzes beauty celebs everything relating to teens.

This 19 yr. old girl is from Sweden. Her site has a lot of really cool things from Christmas and romance to HTML and a cyber-city.

A Girl's World Online Clubhouse
These four young girls have a lot to share with you. Complete with interviews and news articles.

Kelly's Place
This 4th grader even has her own newsletter. She likes the violin, field hockey, and ice skating. There's a lot to do here.

This teen wants to tell you about herself and show you pics of her and her friends.

Pam's Page
She's 22 and a genetics major at Texas A&M University.

Radiation Vibez!
See her "ultimate band list" and links to "kewl" movies.

Trixy's Homepage
She likes to write quotes on her site.

A Very Special Place In The Sky
Lots of pictures of her and her friends, learn all about this girl from Pennsylvania.

Meet these 4 pre-teens who have become right witches. Find out how they became witches and what kinds of things they like to do.

Writing Angel
"Because I love writing, and a online diary is a cool way to do it. Also it help my friend during the summer to keep up with what i'm up to. It is also a way I have meet new people. I can get my poem and stories read by other. I get critizism and pointers on how to improve my writings."

Ya'll come on in ya here!
She is a true country girl. Find out about her, her online life and her interests.

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