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Web Page Upload Tools

If you create your Web pages on your computer, you will need to upload them to your hosting service to get them on the Internet. To do this you will need a Web page upload tool.

FTP - What Is It and How Do I Use It
What is FTP, you want to know. If you are creating a Web site on your computer, either using a text editor or some other editor, then you will probably need FTP. Find out what it is, why you need it and how to use it.

Freebies and Shareware FTP Programs
FTP programs that you can get for free or try before you buy.

3D-FTP - Multi-Threaded Transfer Engine
Background transfers, multithread transfers, bookmarks, site manager w/import, optional skins, remote editor and much more.

Afian - Web Based File Manager
If you don't like using FTP but you still need a way to get your Web pages onto your Web site, try this. It's very easy to move your files around with this program. Organize your Web site and your computer.

Coffee Cup Direct FTP
Edit html and text right on the server, resume downloads, drag and drop, and more.

Core FTP Lite™ - a free FTP client
"Core FTP Lite - a free FTP Client with SSL/TLS, site to site transfers, drag & drop, browser integration, and many new features!"

Whether you are using it to upload Web pages, download music or transfer files this is among the best FTP programs on the market today. A trial version is available so try it now.

File Thingie - File Manager
File manager you can use to upload and download files.

Flexwindow - Update Your Web Pages with E-mail
"Just send an e-mail to update your web site. Content updating has never been easier!"

FTP Explorer
Available for Windows 95 and NT 4.0. It works and looks like Windows Explorer to make it very easy to use.

FTP Express
Perform FTP tasks using the familiar explorer style interface.

FTP Voyager
Perform FTP operations in the same way you normally perform file operations.

Combines a large client base with an easy to navigate user interface and has some features others don't.

PentaSuite - PentaWare's File Manager
More than just a program to help you upload your files to your Web site. This program also helps you edit your files, create PDF files, rename files and much more. Cost is $99.95.

Smart FTP
Has a resume feature for broken transfers, multi connections, easy to use transfer. Get your Web pages online in minutes.

This file transfer program is very powerful and very fast. Browse files with ease.

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