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Top 7 Free Video Sites: Add Video To Your Web Site


Adding video to blogs is one of those fun things you can do on your site to give your readers something to do while they are reading your profile page. The videos you add reflect who you are and what kinds of things you like.

You can add your own videos or videos that you find on video sites. Videos you add can from video sites can be funny, informational or whatever you like. Adding video to your blog or Web site from video sites is free and easy to do.

Here are some video sites where you can find free videos to add to your blogs and Web sites.

1. You Tube - Video Site

You Tube is a large community of video lovers. Some videos on this video site are broken down into channels and categories so it's easier for you to find the videos you like. You can join video groups too. Upload your own videos from this video site or choose videos from You Tube to add to your Web site or blog.

2. Yahoo! Video - Video Site

By Yahoo! This video site lets people download videos and add videos to their Web sites and blogs. Add videos to your favorites on this video site. Browse for videos you want to watch and add them to your Web site or blog to share with your readers.

3. Google Video - Video Site

Google! Choose your videos by category on this video site or look through the top 100 to see which one's Google likes best. There are TV show videos on this video site that you can watch and download for a small fee too.

4. Grouper - Video Site

Videos with many different categories or channels to choose from on this video site, even clips from movies and TV shows. Upload videos to share with the public on this video site, or share with just who you choose. Add video comments to videos and read what others have to say. Hook up your webcam and share webcam videos instantly. This video site lets you add videos to blogs with one click.

5. Sharkle - Video Site

This video site lets you choose videos by category or join a group. Share your videos with the world or keep them private on this video site. It's easy to add these videos to your Web site or blog because the code is listed right underneath the videos.

6. Video Detective - Video Site

Share your favorite movie clips and video trailers with your readers on your Web site or blog from this video site. Browse for movie clips by genre, decade, title or actor.

7. Singing Fool - Video Site

Share music videos on your Web site or blog from this video site. On this video site you can search for your favorite music videos by title, artists and more. Find out what the favorite videos and search through channels.

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