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The Drag'n Drop Online Website Builder

350 Pages

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350 Pages makes website design easy with it's drag'n drop capability. Easy doesn't even begin to describe the website design abilities 350 Pages offers. Moving your content around your pages is just the beginning of the website design features 350 Pages has for you.

The ability to create Web pages and move around your content is what every personal website designer wants. The easier it is to use the more often your going to update your website and create great content for your readers to read and look at.

Templates, Layouts and Objects

350 Pages has hundreds of templates and layouts for you to use when creating your website with them. On top of that they also have formats for your templates. The functions and objects you can add to your Web pages are many and a lot of fun.

Drag'n Drop objects onto your Web pages. Most of the objects that 350 Pages has to offer are customizable so you can change them and make them different from your friend's objects.

Choose from one of 350 Pages many templates and layouts. If you like it just the way it is, great, use it as is. If you want to change the way it looks, great, there are many ways you can customize the templates and layouts on 350 Pages. Drag'n drop any object on the page to wherever you want it to be.

Objects include blocks of text, photos, videos, or whatever. They can all be moved around the page, even overlapped if you want them to be. Objects can also be edited. Change the size, color, or anything else about the object.

See everything as you do it. This is a full WYSIWYG website editor. That means that as you're creating your website you can see it just the way it would look to your readers.

The Color Editor

Try out all the different colors in your templates. Using the color editor you can try different color schemes for your Web pages to see which ones you like best. Not only does the color editor let you change the colors of your templates, it also will suggest colors for you. It will try to match up colors for you and makes it easy to make the changes you want to make.

Graphics, Photos, and more

There are over 1000 graphics in the 350 Pages stock that you can use for free on your Web pages. These graphics include headings, navigation buttons, logos, dividers, rotating text and more. There are also over 2000 photos and clip art for you to choose from and use.

All of the graphics that 350 Pages provide are customizable so you can make them look the way you want them to. The graphics can also be rotated, this means you can put them on your Web pages upside down and sideways if you want.

There is a photo editor offered to you when you use 350 Pages. It's free for you to use and lets you do all sorts of things with your photos and graphics. You can crop, resize and rotate your graphics. You can also enhance your photos and even add special effects.

The photo uploader that 350 Pages has is very easy to use. This photo uploader will even resize photos for you as you upload them.

Create photo galleries with 350 Pages. Add any of your photos that you want to that photo gallery. Your readers will see image thumbnails, then when they click on them the image will get larger. Or you can create slideshows with your photos. Then your readers can just sit back and watch the show.

Selling and Search Engines

If you have items that you want to sell, let 350 Pages help you. Sell right from your personal website on 350 Pages. Using the e-commerce tool included in the 350 Pages website editor you can add items to your Web pages and sell them right from your website.

Now you want people to be able to find your website. Either because your selling something or just because you want people to come read what you have to say to the world. Either way, using the search tools found in the website editor will help you find your site in your favorite search engine.

Hosting and Cost

If you only want one personal website, you're in luck. 350 Pages offers to you one personal website for free. Your free 350 Pages website can include up to 15 Web pages and 20MB of storage space for your Web pages, graphics and anything else you add to your website.

If you want more than one website, are looking for something ad free, or just want more than what the free version of 350 Pages offers, there are other options. For under $10 a month you can have everything you'll ever need in a website, and more.

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