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The Bottom Line

Store and share your files for free. You get 30MB of storage space for your music, photos, documents and Web pages. Web page and blogging features are offered to help you create a Web site.


  • 30MB free storage space
  • Store any kind of file you want
  • Share with friends and family
  • Build Web sites or weblogs
  • More space available


  • Only 30MB, but if you want you can get more for a fee


  • Access your files from anywhere with a Web browser or FTP.
  • Build a Web site if you want to.
  • Store photos, music, documents or anything else you want.
  • Use templates or content files to create Web pages or your own personal weblog.
  • Share your files with friends and family.
  • Icons are used to designate different types of files so you can find your files easier.
  • 30MB of storage space, Web site space or photo and media space for free.
  • Blogging features.
  • More space available for a fee.
  • No ad banners.

Guide Review - Ripway

Free. You get 30MB of online storage space for free. Store your music, photos, documents or anything else you want up to 30MB. If you need more space than that you can get it but you will have to pay for it.

This service allows you to create a Web site if you want to. They even provide templates and content files to help you create your Web pages. If you want to add blogging to your Web site they offer blogging features to help you.

Store your photos and music files too. There are different icons used for different types of files so you can tell them apart and find what you're looking for easier.

Share your files with your friends and family if you want to. They can view your files and Web pages without having to view banner ads.

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