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Back Up Your Web Site

Establish an account and download their software. The software enables you to upload your files. Tell friends and family how to access the sites if you want to and they then can download the files. Or keep your files all to yourself.

Amazon S3™ - Simple Storage Service
Amazon.com is offering Web storage of your documents, pictures and other files for a very low fee.

Top 8 Online Storage and File Sharing
Would you like online storage of files and file sharing? Here it is, 10 sites that will let you have online storage of your files and file sharing. Online storage keeps your files safe from computer crashes. File sharing lets you share your files with friends and family. Online storage and file sharing can be done with all types of files, music, photos, documents, you name it.

Backup - File Sharing and Storage
Back up your computer files on a regular basis so you never lose your information even if your computer fries. Choose the files you want to back up and set a a back up schedule. Your files will be saved online securely.

Biscu.com - File Sharing and Storage
Pay only for the space you use. If you only need a little bit, you only pay for a little bit. Share your files if you want to. Upload and download using your email for easy use.

Drive Headquarters - Online Storage and File Backup
Get a whole Gig free with this online file backup service. Easy to sign up for and easy to use file storage for your Web site files.

Files Anywhere - File Sharing and Storage
2GB storage space for your files for $8.95/mo. Drag and drop your files into the site to keep them safe. If you want you can share them with your friends and even let your friends upload files. Organize your files so they're easier to find too.

IBackup - File Sharing and Storage
Download and back up your files and store them online. Whenever you need your photos or your music or any other files all you have to do is find an Internet connection and sign in.

My Docs Online - File Sharing and Storage
Store any kind of file here for safe keeping for as low as $9.95/quarter. Let your friends and family upload files here too. Schedule back up of your important files and never risk losing information again.

Ripway - File Sharing and Storage
Store and share your files for free. You get 30MB of storage space for your music, photos, documents and Web pages. Web page and blogging features are offered to help you create a Web site.

Streamload - File Sharing and Storage
Store your music, photos, videos and other files online. Let your friends and family view them, download them and print photos. Send your larg files through their online mail program too.

X-Drive - File Sharing and Storage
Store files online for a low monthly fee. Store music, pictures and anything else you want. Share the files you want with friends and family and keep the rest safe and secure.

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