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Keep Your Online Status a Secret on Facebook

Don't Let Certain People Know You're Online


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By clicking on the chat icon in the bottom of your browser when you have Facebook on, you can see which of your friends are on Facebook right now. On the flip side, all your friends can also see when you're on Facebook.

Maybe you don't want certain people to know when you're on Facebook, but you want your other Facebook friends to still be able to know. Here's a simple way to make it so that some of your friends can't tell when you're on Facebook while the rest still can.

  1. Click on your chat icon. It's located in the lower right hand corner of your browser when you're on Facebook.

  2. Click on "Friend Lists".

  3. Type “BlockList” into where it says "Create a new list" and hit enter on your keyboard.

  4. Drag the friends you want to add to your block list into the BlockList group. Or

  5. After you've finished adding friends to the list, hover over the green dot on the right of the name of the group. You'll see the words "Go Offline". Once you click on that those friends will no longer be able to see if you're online.

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