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Exploring Facebook Profile Privacy Settings

Who Can See Your Profile Information?


Change the profile privacy settings in Facebook. These profile privacy settings will help you decide which parts of your profile you want people to be able to see and which parts you only want to allow your friends to see.

To Get to the Profile Privacy Settings

  1. Click on "Settings" at the top of your Facebook page.

  2. In the drop down box click on "Privacy Settings".

  3. From the Privacy page click on "Profile".

4 Basic Choices

  • Everyone - If you choose to let everyone see one of the sections on your page that basically means everyone and anyone. Not only will your friends be able to see your information, everyone on Facebook will be able to see your information.

  • My Networks and Friends - These are all the people on your friend list plus all the people on any of the networks that you may belong to.

  • Friends of Friends - This would be your friends and friends of your friends.

  • Only Friends - This is only your friends and no one else.

Basic Profile Settings Tab

There are a lot of different choices you have when it comes to which parts of your profile you can let, or not let, people see. For each of these sections to can choose one of the choices above as a privacy setting.

  • Profile - Who can see your profile, besides just your friends.

  • Basic Info - Who can see things such as gender, birthday, hometown, political and religious views, and relationship status.

  • Personal Info - Who can see things such as your About Me section, your interests, activities, favorites, music, movies, etc.

  • Status and Links - Who can see your status updates.

  • Photos Tagged of You - There are photos that your friends have added to their profiles and tagged as having you in them. You can decide who can see them.

  • Videos Tagged of You - There are also videos that your friends have added and tagged. If you're tagged as being in them, you can decide who can see them.

  • Friends - Let people see your list of Facebook friends or keep your Facebook friends private.

  • Wall Posts - This is where you decide whether you want people to be able to read the posts your friends are posting to your wall.

  • Education Info - Who can see where you've gone to school and college.

  • Work Info - Who can see where you've worked.

Contact Information Tab

Now click on the "Contact Information" tab. We're going to go over who you want to be able to contact and be in contact with on Facebook.

  • IM Screen Name - If you're really into instant messaging and have some IM usernames, you may want to share your IM screen names. This is where you would want to choose who you want to share that IM screen name with.

  • Mobile Phone - Why someone would want to share their mobile phone number, I'm not sure. The option is here, just in case.

  • Other Phone - Again, I don't recommend sharing something as personal as your home phone number online, but the option is here if you so choose.

  • Current Address - Another option I don't recommend is sharing your address online. If you're Facebook is completely closed to friends only, I suppose there may be a possible use for this.

  • Website - Add a link to your website. The best way to get people to come to your website is to link to it where you can. This is a great place to add a link to your personal or business website.

  • Email Address - If you want your friends to be able to send you emails, allow them to see your email address.


When you're finished making changes to privacy settings on one of your Facebook privacy settings pages, make sure to save them. If you don't save them, they don't count. Safe Facebooking!

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