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Facebook Games List Guide

Where to Find Useful Lists of Popular Games on Facebook


Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga game

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A good Facebook games list can be hard to find, partly because there are so many games on the sprawling social network and they change so often.

The official list of Facebook games is in the network's App Center. Click on the App Center link below "APPS" on the left side of your Facebook home page and then click the "Games" link on the left. That takes you to the Games Category Page in the App Center.

You'll see a list of Facebook games personalized to what Facebook thinks you'll like based on your previous gaming history, if any.

To see a better list showing the most popular games based on user recommendations, click the "Top Rated" button in the middle of the menu near the top of the page.

Two other tabs on the menu generate a list of Facebook games that are "trending" or growing more popular, and a "Friends" list of titles popular with your particular group of friends.

Unofficial Lists of Facebook Games

Lots of other websites review social games, but one in particular collects data and attempts to show popular titles based on how many people have actually installed or are playing them on Facebook. That site is AppData, which is part of the WebMediaBrands' Inside Network.

AppData has a very useful list of Facebook Top Apps, which includes (and actually is dominated by) games. The list ranks apps by number of monthly active users they have.

GameChitah also offers a list of popular Facebook games ranked by the number of actively monthly users.

Inside Facebook, a blog  owned by the same company as AppData, regularly publishes lists of the top games on Facebook. Just go to InsideFacebook's home page and enter "top 25 Facebook games" into the search box to find the most current list.

An example is this list of top Facebook titles for January 2014. An older example is this Facebook top games list from 2012, which showed Texas Hold 'em Poker and Words With Friends were the two top titles for daily active users. For monthly active users, Texas Hold 'em Poker also was tops, and CityVille was No. 2.

Annual list of "Top" Facebook Games

Facebook published its own lists of top games from time to time in various places. Its developers blog lists top games of the year. Here's a look at the December 2013 lineup of top games for 2013.

Its top game of the year for 2013 was "Criminal Case" from a developer called Pretty Simple.

Among the titles that Facebook named "best new games" in 2013 were Bake Shop Drop, Farm Heroes Saga and Heart of Vegas.

Back in 2011, Facebook published  what it called the top recommended games. But those weren't the titles that got played the most; rather, they were the games with more than 100,000 monthly active users--but only those drawing  most" user recommendations," as measured by Facebook. The top ten for 2011 were:

  • Gardens of Time
  • The Sims Social
  • DoubleDown Casino
  • DoubleDown Casino
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World
  • Words With Friends
  • Bingo Blitz
  • Empires & Allies
  • Slotomania-Slot Machines
  • Diamond Dash

Read the full blog post for additional lists of top-rated Facebook games for 2011 in various categories, including casino, sports and fashion.

Gaming enthusiast websites are another great source to find a useful lists of Facebook games based on popularity or in niche genres. Among those with lots of useful resources and rankings are:

  • MMOHunter - MMO Hunter maintains a list of Facebook multiplayer games and provides good annotation for what each game involves and why it's popular. (MMO stands for massively multiplayer online games.)
  • Play BBG offers a good list of Facebook games with reviews. The list includes a numerical score given by players who have rated that particular game.
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