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Create Your Home Page With Google Page Creator


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Change the Layout of Your Homepage
Change the Layout of your Google Page Creator Page

Change the Layout of your Google Page Creator Page

Just as you can change the look of your page you can also change the layout of your page. This will create different areas on your page where you can add different text or some pictures if you want. Click on the link that says "Change Layout" on the top right hand corner of your editing page.

There are four layouts to choose from. Decide what you want your page too look like and what kinds of things you want to put on your page and choose the layout you want to use. When you have decided on the layout you want to use click on it. You will be taken back to your editing page where you can see the new look of your page.

Some layouts won't work with some looks. Try one, if you don't like the way it looks you can always change it later.

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