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Create Your Home Page With Google Page Creator


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Signing Up for Google Page Creator
Google Page Creator Sign In

Google Page Creator Sign In

Google Page Creator is as easy as writing a Word document. Point, click and type your way to an easy to edit Web site using Google Page Creator. Hosting will be done on Google Page Creator too so you know your Web pages are safe. Publishing the Web pages you create with Google Page Creator is simple to, just one click of the mouse.

This is not for large sites, at least for now, they may give more space later for your Web pages but right now it is only 100MB. This is definitly big enough for a normal personal Web site. As long as you don't add a ton of pictures and graphics or sound files you will have plenty of space.

The very first thing you need to do if you decide you want to use Google Page Creator to build your Web site is to sign up to sign up for Google Page Creator. Google only gives out space at certain times and only to Google account holders.

If you want to get a Google account you can do so by asking someone who already has a Google account (also known as Gmail which is also an online email program) to send you an invite. The other way is to sign up using your cell phone.

Once you have your Google account and you have signed up to sign up for Google Page Creator you wait. Wait for them to send you an email telling you that your Google Page Creator account has been enabled. The email will tell you to go to http://pages.google.com and sign in. Let's Get Started!

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