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Add Blogger Templates to your Blogger Blog


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Get Your Blogger Template Ready
Open Text File In NotePad

Open Text File In NotePad

Add a cool Blogger template to your Blogger blog. Make your Blogger blog look better by adding a cool Blogger template to it. Your new Blogger template will change your Blogger blog's colors, layout, image placement and more.

Ready to add your Blogger template to your Blogger blog? First let's get your Blogger template ready to be added to your Blogger blog.

  1. Find the Blogger template you want to use on your Blogger blog.

  2. Save the Blogger template to your computer. Save it to a place where you will be able to find it easily later.

  3. If the Blogger template is in a .zip file you will need to extract the template files from the .zip file using a program like WinZip. If you have Windows XP then you already have a Zip program. When extracting these files remember where they are saved to so you can find them top upload them.

  4. Open NotePad, another text program or the HTML editor you are using. Click "File" then "Open" in your text program and open the template files.

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