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Put Your Blogger Blog on Your Web Site


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Getting Ready to Get Started
Create New Folder With File Manager

Create New Folder With File Manager

Linda Roeder

Want to put your Blogger blog right on your own personal Web site. Say you have a Web site at a Web site hosting service that offers FTP. If your hosting service doesn't offer FTP then this won't work. You want to have your Blogger blog show up right on your Web site instead of having people click to your blog and then hope they come back to your site again. This is how you add your Blogger blog to your Web site.

First you need to find out what your FTP settings are. You'll need the server name which looks something like: ftp.servername.com. You'll also need the username and password you use to log into your hosting service with.

Before we get started you should log into the hosting service you keep your Web site at and create a new file called something like "blog" or whatever else you want it to be called. This will be the file that Blogger will put your blog pages into after you have finished combining the two.

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