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10 Step Tutorial for Using Social Mention


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4. Analyzing Keywords with Social Mention
Social Mention keyword list example

The service generates a list of keywords for any term you search.

Social Mention
Also on the results page, pay attention to the left sidebar. It attempts to judge how many mentions of your search term are positive, negative or neutral -- and it also generates a list of keywords people are using for your term.

Most useful, perhaps, is the list of top keywords. These are the ones most frequently used in social media that relate to your search term. A bar chart also shows which are most popular and exactly how many times they appear.

Right below that are additional lists of top user names (people mentioning your topics) and top hashtags (terms people are using to reference your topic on Twitter.)

Finally, at the bottom of the sidebar is a list of social media sources where Social Mention has found mentions of your term, ranked by volume.

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