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Live Mocha: Learn a Language, Make Friends

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Now's your chance to learn a new language and meet people from around the world at the same time. Learning a language using Live Mocha it really easy. Each lesson offers you six different ways to learn the phrases in that lesson.

By the time you're finished with the lesson you've learned the new phrases. Chat with other people who are learning the same language you're learning or chat with people who speak the language you're learning to help you learn it faster.


Sign up to learn the language of your choice. Then you'll go through several units with 5 - 6 lessons each. Each lesson contains six different ways for you to learn the lesson. Every lesson has 40 different phrases for you to learn. Live Mocha will keep track of where you are in your lesson and what your score it.

  1. First you'll see pictures and listen to the lesson.

  2. Next you'll read the words and choose the correct picture to go along with the words your reading.

  3. After that you'll hear the words and choose the picture the words go with.

  4. In the forth section you'll put it all together. You'll hear the words in your native language and see the picture it goes with. Then you'll have to find the correct words, in the language you're learning, from the list and put them together in a sentence.

  5. You'll be asked a question and you'll need to answer it in the language you're learning.

  6. Lastly, take what you wrote in the last part and speak it, you'll need a microphone for this part.


Participate in an interactive learning environment where you'll get to answer questions in written or spoken form. There are some questions already posted if you just want to do this on your own. Your other option is to start your own practice session with a friend. Choose the language you want to learn from the list. You'll then see questions or conversations in that language. Choose a question or conversation to participate in. Answer the question to join the conversation.


Help other people to learn your native language. Choose answers that people have posted to their lessons and correct them or help them out. Become part of the community and make new friends by helping other people learn your language.


From your Live Mocha profile you can make new friends and chat with them. IM your friends that are online and you can chat with them in any language.
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