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14 Reasons You Should Join a Social Network


Social networks have come a long way since the implementation of the idea several years ago. Social networking sites such as Friendster, Facebook and MySpace all had a big part in making social networks what they are today. They have all evolved since then and become something more than what they were back then.

Now you can do so much more with a social network than just meet people and send messages. You can create photo albums, add videos, listen to your favorite music, find old friends and so much more. Even the profile pages have evolved. Many social networks let you change the colors of your profile and even add backgrounds and change the layout.

1. Meet New People

This is the main reason social networks were created, so people can meet and find new friends. On just about every social networking site you can browse the network and meet new people. You can find people of every kind from all over the world. Or you can just focus on meeting certain types of new friends.

Find friends in a certain niche or make as many friends as you can. How you do it is up to you. Everyone had their own way of making online friends.

2. Find Old Friends

You've probably lost contact with someone in your life. Now's your chance to find them again. Could be a friend from high school, someone you used to work with, or just about anyone. Using social networking sites you can type in the name of your friends and find them, if they're on that site.

More of your friends are on sites like MySpace and Facebook than you realize. Join up, create a profile and start your search. When you create your profile, don't forget to mention all the schools you went to so your friends can find you too.

3. Chat the Day Away

Most social networks have forums. This is where you can post your thoughts, questions and opinions. It's also where you can communicate with a group of friends that all have the same interest or problem. There's usually a variety of forums to choose from. Which forum you post in all depends on what you're looking for.

If you're looking to discuss a certain topic, then you would post in the forum that's set up for that particular topic. If you're looking for help with something then you'd post in the support forum. Maybe you're just looking for a discussion to get into, browse around and find something you like, then join in.

4. Join Interest Groups

Many social networks offer groups. If they don't have a group you like, you can usually create one of your own. Groups are just that, groups of people. They all joined the group because they all had something in common.

There can be groups on anything. Maybe you have a child with autism and you want to talk to other people who have children with autism, join a group. Then you can talk to other people and also get news and alerts about autism. If there isn't already a group on the network, create one.

5. Blog for Your Friends and Family

Almost every social network offers you a blog. Here you can write about any number of things. Keep friends updated on your life or write about your concerns and accomplishments. A blog can be as personal, or impersonal, as you want it to be.

When you add photos to your blog you take it to a whole other level. People love to see what they're reading about, that's why newspapers hire photographers. The way your blog looks can be changed too.

6. Create Photo Albums and Share Photos

Add all your photos (On MySpace : On Facebook) and break them into albums. Not all social networks offer photo albums, but many do. Sometimes the social network will only let you add a certain number of photos to your profile. Some will only let you create one photo album. If photo albums are important to you then you'll need to shop around a little to find a social network that lets you add whole photo albums.

Photo albums are a great asset to your social network profile. People love to look at photos. They may stay on your profile, or come back later, just to look through your photos. It's also a good idea if you have family that are far away and you want them to be able to see your family photos. Some social networks even offer the ability for you to turn your photo album into a slideshow.

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