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Social Networking With Live Webcams

Add Live Streaming Video to Blogs and Web Pages


Social Networking With Live Webcams
Now you can meet other people and watch with live streaming video at the same time. Stickam is a social networking site that lets you put up your own live webcam and chat with each other. You can also browse the site and see who's online and maybe do some people watching. You need to know a little about adding a webcam though. The instructions are not that clear.

Once you get it going though this site could be a lot of fun. Stickam profile pages also let you record video and add music just like any social networking service. Add your live streaming video to your blogs and other social networking sites.

Some ways people are using Stickam:

  • Bands having live shows online

  • Friends video chatting

  • Karaoke bars showing their top performers

  • Trade shows using live feeds from events

  • Live broadcasts of high end parties

  • Interviews with famous people


  • Live Streaming Video: Add your Webcam live on the Internet.

  • Profile Editing: Change the colors and more.

  • Video Chat: See people while you chat with them.

  • Multimedia Gallery: Lots of video, music and photos you can add to your playlist.


  • No Blog: This site would have everything if only it had a blog.

  • Friend Search: Not bad but could be better.

Reviews of Stickam (the good and the bad)

More About Stickam > - - What You Want To Know! ~ What's The Scene Like? ~ Multimedia

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