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Meet Friends on Orkut

Pros and Cons


Orkut is a social networking site where you can meet new friends and keep in touch with them by adding them to your friends list or joining the same communities as them.

Add photos to your Orkut photo album on top of the photo you add to your Orkut profile. There are lots of different communities you can join in Orkut so you can find friends who like the same things you like. Create your own scrapbook with Orkut where you can tell people about you and your friends can leave you messages.


  • Communities: There are lots of communities you can join to meet like minded friends.

  • Photo Album: Add photos to your online Orkut photo album.

  • Scrapbook: Not only can you add to your scrapbook but your friends can too.


  • No Music or Video: There is no music or video to add to your Orkut profile and no way for you to add your own.

  • No CSS or HTML: There is no way to change the look of your profile. You can change your scrapbook using the design editor.

  • Limited Search: Searching for friends is limited by the very basic search bar.

Reviews of Orkut (the good and the bad)

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