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Create a Political Election Page

Who's Your Favorite Candidate?


If you have a favorite candidate in an upcoming election, you may be thinking about creating a website to tell people who you're going to vote for and why. Whether it's a presidential election or an election for some other political appointment you may have an opinion you want to share with other people who will be voting in the same election.

Here's your chance to tell people what you think about your candidate, and what you think about your candidates opponents. Make your voice heard and get the word out about who you think should win the election. Also, tell your site's readers what you think about the issues of the election. Here are some tips to help you create your own political election page.

Things To Write About

  • What's in the news about your candidate or popular issues today?

  • What did your candidate say at his latest public meeting?

  • What are the issues that your candidate is most outspoken on?

  • What do you believe are the most important issues of the election?

  • Where is your candidate going to visit next?

  • What is your candidates past record?

  • What are your opinions on the issues, your candidates and other candidates that are running?

Things To Include

  • Links to other websites that support your position can be an asset to your election website. Make sure to find a few of these websites and add links to them. For instance, you can link to your candidates official website.

  • Videos about your candidate can really help your election website. Go to sites like YouTube and find some videos with your candidate in them, or videos that support the issues you believe in. Then add them to your election website.

  • Articles about policies you belive in are an important part of any personal website. If you are for or against certain policies, write about them. Let your readers know how you feel. Tell them why you think the way you do and try to persuade them in your direction.

  • Photos of your candidate can be helpful, especially if they are of different venues or show your candidate actually doing something useful.

  • Links to helpful websites that can give your readers more information on the topics your website hits upon.

  • Updates telling people what your candidate is doing or how a specific issue is doing. Write your own spin on what's happening in the world of politics.

Election Clip Art

You're going to need some election day clip art to add to your election website. Add donkeys or elephants depending on which political party you're with. Also add other election day clip art such as: ribbons, presidents, protesters, bureaucrats, a ballot box and voting signs.

If you want to add some military clip art to your election website, you can find that on the Web as well. Find military clip art that include such things as: troops, military vehicles, helicopters, badges, uniforms and weapons.

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