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A Name For Your Page

Nothing Like A First Impression


Deciding on a name for your new Web page is almost as difficult as deciding what kind of content you want to display. For some people it may be the hardest thing they have to do. Choosing a name is very important. If you choose the wrong name people may not want to come to your site because they may think it's not worth visiting.

Why have a plain, ordinary name like "Homepage of Adam" when you can have a name like Jade Leaves or Daily Epiphany. These are name's that make you wonder what is on the page and since curiosity is such a strong human trait you will naturally go there to find out.

When you name your page one of the things you want to keep in mind is that people will not come visit your site if they think it is going to be boring or a waste of their time. If you give it a plain, ordinary name they will think to themselves "I've already seen pages like that one before so there's no reason for me to visit this one". You want a name that makes them think "I wonder what's on this page" or "That sounds really interesting, I'd better go check it out, wouldn't want to miss it".

Then there are the sites that have one word names like Fireland, Dollheads, and ThatP. Don't forget the fun names like Aries Moon, Book of the Amber Dragon, and Dreaming Among The Jade Clouds. If someone thinks your page is going to be fun, strange, or out of the ordinary then they are more likely to visit you just to see what's there.

Think about this next time you go to your page or create a new page. Is the name you picked exciting enough to bring in visitors or should you try harder to come up with a new one. The name of your site should tell the world "Here I am, this is me" not "I'm just like the rest so take me as I am". You want to stand out in the large Internet crowd and be noticed. A name can be the most important thing you do for your site so make it a good one.

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