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Cultures and Religions

Web sites about different cultures and religions. There are lots of people in the world and many different cultures and religions. These people's Web pages tell you about how they live their lives or celebrate their religions.
  1. Islam / Muslim Faith (12)
  2. Christianity (7)

Bhagavat Dharma/Dasakuta - by Raghavendra.K.Padasalgi
"My website contain the cult of Bhakti(Devotion to God) propagated by the various Haridasas of Karnatka in India with their brief bio-graphy."

Cardoza's Dragon Magick and Alchemy
Spiritual alchemy, with comparative methods from various cultures.

A Course In Wisdom
Provides ideas about an empirical, science based religion.

Kamat's Potpourri
Learn all about the rich cultures that are India. See lots of pictures, learn why they wear turbans and find out about their rituals.

Lady Madelyn's Garden
This site is for those interested in african spirituality as it evolved in Cuba.

Out of Africa Too
Out of Africa - Too- one man's journey: A muzungu' observations and insights into life in East Africa. A rich tapestry of stories and pictures of encounters that touch the heart and soul.

P.P. Kalavati Aai
Learn about Kalavati Devi and what her religion is all about.

verbum sap
"The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, so far from being an atheist, like many other poets, intuitively realized the Changeless Eternal Substratum of the ever-changing impermanent world or universe, individual and personal God.

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