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Create a MySpace.com Profile


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Edit Profile
Edit MySpace Profile

Edit MySpace Profile

From your MySpace editing page you will be able to do many things. Edit your profile, upload photos, change account settings, edit comments, check email, manage friends and more.

To edit your profile start by clicking on the "Edit Profile" link. The next page will ask a lot of personal questions like who your hero is and what kind of music do you like. Answer only what you are comfortable having other people read about you. To answer one of these questions click the "Edit" button for that question, type in the answer, click the "Preview" button, then the "Submit" button. The first questions just wants you to name your profile, go ahead and give it a name.

Now click on the next tab, click the "Edit" button and answer the questions you feel comfortable having people know about you and click "Submit".

Continue clicking down the tabs and filling out your profile until you have the profile looking the way you want it to. When you are finished click on the link at the top of the page that says "View My Profile" to view your MySpace page.

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