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Writing a Blog - What to Blog About or Not To Blog About

Get help deciding what to blog about or what not to blog about. Also get ideas on how to set up your blog so it looks great.

Writing Upside Down and Backwards
Have you ever had the need to write upside down on your website or blog, maybe even just for the fun of it? I have! Here are two websites that let you do just that. Write your text in the box and then flip it. Now you can copy and paste it into your wysiwyg website editor or into your blog.

Add an RSS Feed to Google Reader
Create your own Google Reader page where you can access all your RSS feeds in one place. Now you can find out when your favorite blogs or other Web pages are updating by adding their RSS feed to your Google Reader page.

Create a Blog Entry on MSN Spaces
MSN Spaces lets you create a blog. Readers of your blog can add comments to your blog entries so you know what they are thinking when they read your MSN Spaces blog. Find out how you can create and add blog entries to your MSN Spaces blog.

Link To Your Blog, Then Link Back
The simplest way to make your blog part of your personal Web site is to simply link to it. Then place a link back to your site from your blog entries. Learn how to do this the simplest way.

Create a MySpace.com Profile
MySpace allows you to sign up and create a profile for yourself so your friends can find you online and so you have a starting place for your online presence. If you would like to have a MySpace account here is what you need to do.

Create a Blog Using Blog Builder on Tripod
Tripod is a Web site hosting service that's been around a long time. They offer a blog builder for those of you who want to create a blog along with your Web site. Here are some instructions on using Blog Builder on Tripod.

Archive and Promote
How often can you update your online diary, daily, weekly? Learn how you can archive your entries so your site doesn't look cluttered but readers can still find them. Also learn how to promote your site so people can find it in the first place.

Diary Entries
What type of writing style will you use on your online diary? Should you use the blunt, honest truth, make up stories or just leave things out? Will you use pictures to spice things up?

How to Write a Biography
Tell all about you, do you know how? There are some fine points you need to remember. Don't leave out the important things about you, tell them what they want to know and get their attention.

Online Diarists Speak Out
Just curious or really fascinated? If you ever wondered why someone would put their diary online here's your chance to find out.

Online Diary and Web Sites 101
An online diary or personal Web site is a fun way to keep friends and family up to date on what's going on in your life. It can also be a good way to vent anger or remember special events in your life. This tutorial will help you learn how you can build your own online diary or personal Web site.

Organizing Your Online Diary and Getting Started
Find the text or HTML editor that's right for you, learn HTML or learn to create your site without HTML, have your site hosted online. Most importantly, learn to layout your site so it is organized and you will always be able to find entries and other things on your site.

Podcasting is Blogging With Sound
Now you talk your blog. If you'd rather create sound files instead of type your blog you can. If you want to add sound to your typed blog you can do that too. Want to know how? Find out now.

They Don't Come More Personal - Online Diaries vs Blogs, What and Why?
The most personal you can get online might even be one of the oldest forms of personal Web sites. Online diaries are very personal, more so than anything else. What are they and why should you consider writing one.

What Can You Do With a Wiki?
Wiki's are a great way to get your voice heard on the Net. You can start a wiki about anything you want. This allows you to discuss something that's important to you while at the same time getting opinions and information from other people that visit your wiki. Allow your readers to become part of your Web site. They can add their ideas to your wiki and make your site that much better.

Writing a Homepage
How to choose a title, design and layout. Write a good, catchy description and welcome message. Learn to link to entries and other pages on your site.

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