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How Many People and Where Are They From

Hit Counters and Stat Trackers


You've been working really hard on your site and it looks great. You update it regularly, you have a guestbook, a bulletin board, great graphics and lots of fun links to all sorts of great sites. Now you're wondering if anyone has seen all the hard work you have done. How many people have visited your site and who are they?

One way you can keep track of how many are visiting your site is with a hit counter. This is a little box you usually put at the bottom of your Web page that has numbers on it. Every time someone visits your page the number changes thus telling you and everyone else who visits the page just how many people have been there. If you want to know more like who is visiting and how often then you can try something that helps you keep track of stats. Adding one of these to your site is as simple as cut & paste.

One hit counter that you can use on your site is called TextCounter. This hit counter comes in a Perl version, a C++ version and a graphical version. This is a very simple counter that just lists the number of visits your page has had.

Another you may want to try that is truly outstanding is NBCiCounter. This one not only places a counter on your page to keep track of visitors it also provides you with a log that keeps track of page views by date, day and time. You will also now know what site people came from and what browser they are using. The really cool thing about this is that you will be able to get an hourly breakdown of page views if you want to so you know what day and what time of day most people are visiting your site.

If you want to know what country your visitors are coming from then maybe you should try Analog. It gives you all the regular data like how many people are visiting but it will also break them down in to countries and gives you the option of displaying your results in 35 different languages.

Of course BraveNet also offers a counter. Their counter also comes with statistics that allow you to keep track of hourly, daily, monthly and yearly stats and gives you a chart so you can see it easily. They offer a variety of different graphics that you can use so you can choose the one that will look best on your site.

Once you get this information you can use it to figure out who is coming to your site and when they are coming. With this information you can add things to your site that are more intriguing to your visitors and set up chats for times when your site is getting the most amount of visitors. Of course you will also be able to see how your site is growing and how many people are actually reading what you write.

Don't get too caught up in the stats though. Have fun with them.

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