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Simple Free Scripts for Web Pages

Add Your Favorite Free Scipts


These simple free scripts will help add some cool features to your Web pages. The free scripts are easy to add and easy to edit. Each of these free scripts comes with instructions to help you get the free scripts up and running and working on your Web site in minutes.

Free scripts can add fun, security and community to your Web site. That's why I searched for some free scripts to help you make your site better.

I did not create these free scripts but I have tested the free scripts on my own personal Web sites and they worked for me.

  • Spam Proof Email Link Free Script
    Keep spammers from getting your email address right off your Web site with this free script. Use this spam proof email free script and save yourself from e-junk mail.

  • Password Protection Free Script
    This is a free script that will give you the pop-up box so people can't ever see your page unless they know the password. Complete instructions for the free script are included on the page.

  • Don't Right Click on My Page Free Script
    Keep people from right clicking on your Web page with this free script. When you use this free script and someone right clicks the menu can't come up and they can't steal your graphics.

  • Mouseover With Graphics Free Script
    When you move the mouse over the picture it changes when you use this free script. All you have to do to with this free script is add the links of the pictures you want to use. Instructions for this free script are included.

  • Type Over Graphics Free Script
    Want to add words to your photos, but you don't want to mess them up? Now you can add words to your online photos on your Web site using this free script without messing up your photos. This free script is easy and seems to work like magic.

  • Print My Web Page Free Script
    Let your readers print your pages using this free script. You assign the parts of the page you want your readers to be able to print. Then put the free script where you want it and the free script will add a button on the page for people to click on to print.

  • Calculator Free Script
    This free script creates a calculator on your Web page so your readers can do calculations right from your Web site.

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