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Copy & Paste JavaScript Codes and DHTML Scripts into Your Web Pages

Add JavaScripts, CGI and other scripts to your Web pages by just copying and pasting the code into your Web pages. Use codes that you will find on JavaScript sites or here on this site.
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Create a Back Button
Create a back button right on your Web page. This button, when clicked, will take the reader back to the page they were on before they came to your page. This back button code works just like your browser's back button.

Simple Scripts for Web Pages
Simple javascripts that you can add to your Web pages in minutes, no knowing coding required. Just copy the script code and paste it into your HMTL code right where you want it. Instructions for these scripts are included to help you add them to your Web pages.

Background Audio Script
Using this script your site's readers can choose from different music you offer on your site and listen to it in the background while they read your site.

Calculator Script - Copy and Paste JavaScript
Calculator script for you to copy and paste into your Web pages. Just copy this code and you will have a calculator right on your Web page.

Disable No Right Click Scripts
"Disable no right click scripts that globally override the onclick onmousedown or oncontextmenu events."

Don't Right Click on My Page code
This code will keep people from steeling your pictures. When someone right clicks on your page they will get a pop-up message telling them whatever you want to tell them. They will not be able to download your pictures.

Drop Down Menu Script
"This script allows you to add a menu bar to the top of the pages of your web site that your visitors can use to navigate your site."

Drop Down Menu
"Script generator to create a drop down navigation menu that stays at the top of a web page."

Email Address Validation Script
When you create a form asking for your reader to enter their email address you need to make sure that your reader actually enters an email address. That's what this script will do.

Get Your JavaScripts To Go
JavaScripts of all kinds to add to your Web pages. Clocks, passwords,calendars,games,buttons,scrolling text and more. JavaScripts can add fun and interactivity to your Web site.

Hiding Your Email Address
"The following form allows you to create two different versions of your email address link that are obscured in the hope that the spam spiders wont recognize them as email links."

Image protection
"Let would be thieves steal the wrong image with this alternate way of displaying them."

Image Zoom - Let People Resize Your Images
Allow your visitors to rezise images on your page with this script.

Intro to Bookmarklets
Bookmarklets are small utility scripts that you can save as bookmarks in your favorites menu or add to the browser's toolbar. Learn how to do it yourself.

javaScripts GALORE - JavaScripts for Everything
Get all the JavaScripts you want and more from javaScripts GALORE!. Lots of JavaScripts of many different kinds for you here. If you need a JavaScript, chances are, you'll find one here.

Mouseover Code
Make your graphics change when someone moves their mouse over them. Add this simple JavaScript to your code, choose your graphics and add this feature to your Web pages.

No Right Click Script
"Block the context menu and annoy your visitors with this simple script."

Numeric Array Sort
"Performing a numerical order sort of a Javascript array. "

Password Protection
This is the JavaScript that will give you the pop-up box so people can't ever see your page unless they know the password. You can see it for yourself, it's called password protection that actually works. Copy and paste it into your text editor or HTML editor so you can follow along with these instructions.

Print Button
"Adding a print button or link to a web page."

Print Ready Page Code
Create print ready pages on your Web pages. Do you want to allow your readers to be able to print your Web pages so they can read them again later or share them with friends? You can with this JavaScript.

Simple JavaScript for DHTML
Want to add dates, countdowns and other fun things to your site? Here are some simple scripts for you to use.

Site Search - Add Search To Your Site
Just enter all your site's pages along with some keywords and you have a search engine for your site.

Spam Proof Email Link
Let your site's readers send you email without you having to worry about a spam bot finding your email address and sending you tons of spam mail. Add this code to your Web page, change the email address peices and you will have a safe email link.

Stupid and Wacky Web Tricks
If you really want to make your Web pages stand out then you need to learn how to add stupid and wacky Web tricks to your Web pages to really make people want to come to your site again and again. Get some great ideas on what to do to your site.

Web Page Encryption
"This javascript will encrypt your web page making it slightly harder to read.."

Write Over Graphic Code
This HTML code will help you add text to your graphics right on your Web page. You don't have to know anything about editing graphics because that's not what you are going to do. Just fill in the text and the link to the graphic and this code will work for you.

CSS Scripts - Copy and Paste Codes
Change your fonts and font sizes, learn to put a border around your text, change letter spacing, make drop caps and more just by pasting this code into your Web page's code.

SSI Developer - CSS Templates and more
CSS templates you can use on your Web site.

No HTML JavaScript
Get a script for your Web site. Just copy and paste it onto your site.

Smart Folding Menu Tree Script
Create a folding menu for your Web site. The menu looks similar to that used by Internet Explorer and is very easy to use. This is a great way to organize your site so people can find their way around easier.

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